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Electives Catalog

Phase 2 Elective Offerings Heading link

Phase 2 Elective Offerings were created as an opportunity for third year students to be exposed to specialties during a two week experience.  These electives may also be taken in the 4th year based on availability.

Electives by Department Heading link

Please refrain from contacting the sites until the specified dates:
–  March 1: Advocate Christ (non-peds), Advocate Illinois Masonic, Advocate Lutheran General, Cook County, and Mount Sinai.
– April 1: Advocate Christ Pediatric electives until April 1.
– January 22: For all other sites.

Electives marked NC, NPF and * denote:
NC: All electives with (NC) are non-clinical/do not have patient care;
NPF: All electives with (NPF) do not count as physician supervised patient-facing  and cannot be used to satisfy the Physician Supervised Patient-Facing Elective graduation requirement.
*: Electives with * are not in the lottery.

More info about electives Heading link