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Advanced Emergency Medicine

Updated: 01/08/23

This elective is designed for senior medical students applying to EM residencies. The student must have successfully completed core rotations in Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, OB-Gyn, and Psychiatry. Cancellations for the first 3 blocks must be made at least 8 weeks before the rotation.

To provide in depth EM knowledge to students interested in the specialty as a career path. Students will be expected to manage their own patients within the limits of the ED setting with oversight by EM attendings and senior residents.


  • Perform accurate, rapid clinical assessments with attention to life and limb threats
  • Obtain a focused history and physicals and generate a weighted differential to guide evaluation and management
  • Develop appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective diagnostic/therapeutic plans based on the differential
  • Perform emergency procedures such as suturing, I&D’s, resuscitation, US and orthopedic reductions
  • Communicate effectively and build rapport with patients, families, ED staff and consultants
  • Understand some of the social and medical legal issues that impact emergency care

Instructional Features:
Students will work in the ED under the direct supervision of attendings and EM residents Learning activities include lectures, case review, conferences, ward-round, outpatient evaluation, literature reviews and group work.

Clinical performance, conference participation, and presentations compose 75% of the grade. A final exam (in-house, not NBME) will compose 25%. A composite “SLOE” may be requested from the site director.

Orientation is mandatory and you will not be able to start the elective without having been oriented first.  Please email the coordinator should you have any questions.