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DoCS Fall Tutoring Elective – UI Health

Updated: 1/31/23

Students must have completed all M3 Core Clerkships, and be in academic good standing.  Students may participate in this elective simultaneously with other electives.  Must be approved by the course directors.

The purpose of this elective is to help students to transition to their teaching roles expected during residency.  They will be provided with the educational tools and skills necessary to teach in small groups and receive feedback from faculty. Students will hone their own physical exam and doctoring skills as they participate in bedside teaching and clinical skills workshops.


  • The ability to give pre-clerkship students feedback on their interview skills, oral presentations, and write-ups.
  • The ability to evaluate and give students feedback on their small group interactions, communication and doctoring skills and professionalism.
  • The ability to facilitate a small group (12-14 students) in a manner that maximizes learning


  • M4 tutors will lead small group discussions, workshops, clinical visits, provide feedback on assignments and presentations, evaluate students and serve as a mentor.
  • M4s will be available to their group of students on an ad hoc basis to answer questions/give feedback as requested.
  • Each tutor will be assigned to a group of students for whom they will be primarily responsible for feedback on assignments, mentoring and evaluation.  There are mandatory professional development sessions which cover topics such as teaching in small groups, giving constructive feedback and evaluating student performance.
  • Tutors may also be asked to have your assigned students accompany you to a clinical rotation, if feasible

To receive 2 weeks of elective credit, M4 students must attend/COMPLETE:

  • Orientation/training sessions
  • At least 7-8 small group sessions or workshops
  • Hospital visits during Fall term
  • Provide feedback on all assignments, self-assessments and evaluations by due dates
  • Complete formative and summative evaluations

Small Group Sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1:30-4:20pm.  Some sessions end at 4:50 or 5:20.

Each group will have 2-3 M4s assigned along with faculty tutors.  Before the term begins, M4 and faculty tutors are expected to meet and plan a schedule such that all small group sessions are covered by one M4 and faculty tutor. Scheduling is flexible but at least one M4 tutor should be present at each session with the faculty tutor. If a faculty tutor is not available, two M4 tutors should be available.

Students will also spend approximately 8 hours outside of class reading assigned readings and course materials preparing to lead the sessions.

You are NOT automatically excused from rotations for participation in DoCS.  You are only allowed one full day off every 2 weeks (or ½ day each week) from specialty rotations which would include absences for interviews.  Flexibility on days off varies with department/site and is at the discretion of the site director.  Be sure and request any days off for whatever reason well in advance and be prepared to make up any time missed.

The faculty tutor(s) for the assigned color group will observe, give feedback and complete evaluation for the assigned M4 students.

Administrative Information Heading link

  • Program Number

    ELEC 978

  • Program Contacts

    Program Directors: Ani Gangopadhyaya, MD – Euna Chi, MD – Julie Loza, MD –

    Program Coordinator: Shila Dauner, MPA –
    Telephone:  312-996-7426

  • Program Information

    Duration:  2 weeks (Longitudinal)
    Night Call: No
    Weekends: No
    Students Accepted: 30
    House staff Used as Faculty: No