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Radiology – UI Health (NPF)

Updated: 7/19/23

UIC students must be an M4 and have completed their M3 Core Clerkships in Medicine and Surgery before taking the radiology elective.

ALL students must follow health requirements in order to rotate with UIH. Students out of compliance will be subject to removal from rotating until all health requirements are up to date to maintain policy and safety. (Health-and-Requirements-Immunization-Guide)

The radiology elective is designed to offer students additional exposure to the practice of clinical radiology. On beginning the rotation, the student will be placed into various subspecialty rotations available in the Radiology department.

At the end of the elective rotation, the student should understand how radiologic patient procedures are done and what a patient experiences when a physician orders these procedures. In observing the performance and interpretation of the radiologic studies, the student will see the practical application of the radiologic principles taught in the lecture series and become more familiar with the diagnostic strengths and limitations of the various imaging modalities. The student learns the importance of supplying appropriate clinical information when requesting radiologic studies and how to use the radiologist as a consultant.

The student is assigned to the resident and attending radiologist in charge of the section/subspecialty for an appropriate period of time. The student will be assigned relevant reading material and audiovisual materials during the course of the 4 week rotation. Participation in daily reading conferences is required.

Toward the end of the rotation, the student may be asked to make a presentation on his/her selected topic of an in-depth study to the radiology staff. There is an examination at the end of the rotation.

Surgical pathway students will be introduced to anatomy and surgical materials during their 4 week rotation.

Administrative Information Heading link

  • Program Number

    ELEC 670

  • Program Contacts

    Program Director: Dr. Karen Xie
    Email: karenlin@uic.ed

    Coordinator: Cara Hoover

  • Program Information

    Location: UI Health

    Duration: 4 weeks
    Night Call: No
    Weekends: No
    Students Accepted: 4
    Housestaff Used as Faculty: Yes
    Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: 20
    Laboratory/Independent Study: 5
    Total Hours /Week: 40 per week

  • Reporting Instructions

    Students are to report to Room 2481 by 8:00 AM for the first day of the rotation. All others days, students are to report by 9:00 AM unless directed otherwise. You must have a clean lab coat and your hospital ID with you on the first day.

    Please come with a minimum amount of personal possessions as possible as there are no lockers available. Plan on remaining the department until at least 3:30 PM everyday. When making plans for interviews, please keep in mind that you are only allowed to miss one day per week as stated in the College of Medicine’s policy. If for some reason you will not be able to attend, please leave a message at 312-996-8143.