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Pediatrics Clerkship Orientation Information

Pediatrics First Day Reporting Instructions for the first Monday of the clerkship:

  • Students, please be aware that students doing their Pediatrics Clerkship at Lutheran go to Lutheran directly on Monday for orientation.
  • Students doing their Pediatrics Clerkship at UIC go to UIC directly for Monday Orientation.

Students at UIC site:

  • Mandatory In-person Orientation – 9:00am (for students at UIH only)
    Tour of clinical sites will take place at 10:00 a.m., after orientation.
  • Reporting Place: 840 S. Wood St., Room 1208 (12th Floor, Clinical Sciences Building), Chicago, IL 60612

Students at Lutheran site:

  • Students go directly to Lutheran on the first Monday of the clerkship. The coordinator at Lutheran will email students directly with the time of arrival and any other instructions.

Updated: 11/18/22

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure Heading link

All body for body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to the Registrar at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Site Specific Reporting Instructions Heading link