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Exams and Course Evaluations

College of Medicine uses Benware for online exams.

Note: Exams are administered using College of Medicine laptop computers, so students will not be accessing computer-based exams from this web page.

If you experience problems using Blackboard with Firefox, try Internet Explorer or Safari. It might not be a bad idea to install the Extended Support Release of Firefox. This won’t change as drastically as the constantly changing versions Mozilla likes to update, and in theory should be more stable to use with the various applications (such as Blackboard) that you are required to use. You can find the ESR releases on Mozilla website (NOTE LANGUAGE–choose wisely.)

Computer Based Testing Process Heading link

Computer-based examinations will be administered in a single session located in the two newly renovated active learning rooms located in the College of Medicine West Tower, Rooms 429 and 527 CMWT. College of Medicine laptop computers, used for all in-house examinations will utilize Benware, an inter-campus developed software package containing an on-screen calculator, options for highlighting, etc. National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) examinations are also administered using NBME software on UIC computers.

See below the exam check-in process and other instructions corresponding to your year.

Electronic Devices Policy Heading link

Electronics devices that are not allowed in computer-based testing rooms include:

  1. “smart” watches with memory, programmability, or other advanced features.
  2. All other electronic equipment with memory capabilities including iPhones, iPads or other similar devices.
  3. Devices that can record and/or include a camera.
  4. Ear phones.

Students are advised to bring simple foam ear plugs.

Exit Procedure Heading link

Upon completion of the exam and making any desired comments, students will:

  1. Notify their area proctor.
  2. Exit the exam room and remain quiet in the adjacent halls being mindful of remaining students who are continuing work on the exam.
  3. Collect personal belongings from the lockers immediately outside your assigned testing room.

Policies Heading link