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Infectious Diseases – AIMMC

Updated: 7/5/16

Students must have completed the M3 Core Clerkship in Medicine.

Infectious Diseases is a vital component of complete and quality care in every specialty of medicine and surgery. Knowledge and competency in Infectious Diseases is important for every physician to master, whether the infectious problem is the primary illness or represents a complication of another underlying condition or event. In this rotation, the student will be able to experience a very broad range of Infectious Disease problems both common and exotic. Our hospital serves an international population and this allows for the opportunity to learn about and see infections typically not endemic to the United States. As a large urban hospital, we see patients with the typical problems such as pneumonia, meningitis, cellulitis, post-operative infections, etc. as well as nosocomial infections. Since we are in an area of high HIV prevalence, students also will have substantial exposure to HIV infected patients and have an opportunity to study HIV related problems, treatment and management.


  • To recognize the presentation, manifestations and complications of common and unusual Infectious Diseases
  • To understand the evaluation and diagnostic approach for various Infectious Diseases
  • To formulate treatment plans for commonly encountered Infectious Diseases

The goal of this rotation is for the student to gain an understanding of the clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis, diagnostic work-up, treatment, and management of broad range of Infectious Diseases. There will be an emphasis on the most common diseases encountered in general practice, but unusual and rare diseases will also be covered. The majority of the work will be on the busy inpatient service and the student will have the opportunity to evaluate and manage their own set of patients with supervision. The student will rotate with all attending physicians on the group throughout the month, benefitting from the different styles and knowledge of the attending staff. They will also work closely with the residents assigned to the rotation during the month.

Administrative Information Heading link

  • Program Number

    ELEC 617

  • Program Contacts

    Site Director: C. Creticos, MD

    Coordinator: DeBorah Anderson
    Telephone: 773-296-7039, 773-296-7079

  • Program Information

    Location: AIMMC

    Duration:  4 Weeks
    Night Call: No
    Students Accepted: Min. 0 Max. 1
    House staff Used as Faculty: Yes
    Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: Yes
    Total Hours /Week: 40

  • Reporting Instructions

    Students must report to the Student Coordinator, DeBorah Anderson at 9:00 AM. Orientation is mandatory!

    Please review this website prior to your first day. 

    Student Registration and Clearance Procedures:
    Report to DeBorah Anderson to complete your registration and clearance procedure form.

    1. Student must view Universal Protocol Policy/Time out Video within 24hrs of starting the rotation.  Student not complying with this request will not be able to rotate

    2. All students requiring access to CARENET/Care Connection (AIMMC’s web-based patient information system) must be registered for a training session by the clerkship’s coordinator, and the student must attend the scheduled training session, prior to access being granted.

    3. Student is issued his/her AIMMC identification/Access ID badge.  (IF YOUR ID IS LOST, DAMAGED, OR NOT RETURNED, THERE IS A $10.00 CHARGE).  Also, you must return your pager at the end of your rotation.  If the pager is lost, there is a $100 fine.

    Travel and Parking Options:

    1. Public transportation – Take Brown Line or Purple Line. to Wellington EL station stop.

    2. Street Parking – as available.

    3. Student Parking Lot – Should student require parking during a clerkship at AIMMC, he/she should go to the Standard Parking Office located in the Wellington Parking Garage, and ask for the Parking Manager (ext. 61-5434), or (773-296-5434); office faces Nelson St. between the entrance and exits on Nelson St.  The student must present their STUDENT ID NAME BADGE to the Parking Manager and be prepared to provide the following information:

    – Vehicle’s make, model, color and, license plate number.
    – Coordinator’s name and extension.

    Students must use the gravel Sheffield lot, which operates on a first come first serve basis, and display the appropriate decal on their car’s windshield.

    Don’t be ticketed or towed–read  AIMMC SHEFFIELD SURFACE LOT PARKING NOTICE. The Standard Parking Office hours are M-F 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    Clearance Procedure on Last Day of Rotation:

    1. The student’s clerkship evaluation form will NOT be forwarded to his/her school until the student completes Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Clearance Form.

    2. STUDENT CLEARANCE FORM will be provided by the clerkship’s coordinator upon clerkship completion. Students on Elective Rotations listed above must come to the Medical Education Department to obtain the form.  Students must obtain a signature from the Medical Library indicating that there are NO outstanding library loans/fees. The signature is required even if the student did not use the library’s facilities.

    3. Return the completed STUDENT CLEARANCE FORM and AIMMC ID badge to the clerkship coordinator or to the Medical Education Department if on an elective.

    Other Essentials: Student should bring a combination lock and a student lab coat. Orientation is mandatory. If students are to be on call the first day, they will get time to go home to get whatever they need. Requesting specific team assignments is not allowed. Days off for religious holidays not recognized by the school or Advocate IMMC require prior approval from the medical school and Dr. Dunphy before beginning any rotation. For more information, please contact DeBorah Anderson, Student Coordinator at (773) 296-7079.

    Immunization & Compliance forms can be found here.

    Note: Clinical electives at Advocate hospitals (ACMC, AIMMC, ALGH) are only available to students from LCME and AOA accredited institutions.