PURPOSE: online alternative dermatology course for basic dermatology education.


  1. Demonstrate ability to elicit a full, appropriate medical history relating to dermatologic problems
  2. Recognize the different elements of the dermatologic physical exam and distinguish which physical exam signs are indicative of which dermatologic pathologies
  3. Explain all dermatologic identifying terms and construct an accurate dermatologic description of common derm conditions
  4. Evaluate a chief complaint, elicit a history, evaluate the evidence and construct an accurate and comprehensive differential diagnosis
  5. Organize a logical treatment plan with medications, testing, counseling, time frames, and follow up plan for relieving itch, pain, disfigurement, and other suffering related to common dermatologic conditions.


1) LearnDerm: Home—Visual Dx This self-study dermatology education consists of 5 interactive lessons and 2 quizzes that build a solid foundation in essential terminology and improve the learner’s pattern recognition skills.
2) Basic Dermatology Curriculum—American Academy of Dermatology This self-study dermatology education consists of 41 case-based dermatology courses, each one followed by a quiz, covering a plethora of common dermatologic diagnoses including specific aspects of their history, clinical presentation, best morphologic description, differential diagnoses, recommended work up, and potential therapies. There are also modules detailing the skillful physical exam.
3) Students will be included in our Dermatology departmental online journal clubs, case presentations, faculty lectures, and invited guest speakers (such as the Chicago Dermatological Society monthly meeting) that occur during their rotation.

ASSESSMENT: Students will complete the online Dermatology Exam (on Blackboard) and must pass with a score of 70% or better.


Program Number: ELEC 463
Program Director: Michelle Bain, MD
Coordinator: Barbara Balleza
Email:  [email protected]

Duration: 4 Weeks
Max Students Accepted: 50

Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: 2-3 hours/week of online journal club and/or other faculty or invited online lectures, Chicago Dermatological Society Speakers, etc
Independent study hours per week: up to 30
Total Hours /Week: 33

KEYWORDS: Dermatology, online elective

Updated: 06/05/20