Electives and Pathway Structure

In the months leading to the final year of medical school, students in consultation with faculty and Student Affairs advisors, will choose a Pathway based on specialty choice to complement the core requirements of the M4 curriculum.  Each Pathway includes additional student choice to choose from a list of selective courses for at least four of the sixteen weeks to further link curriculum to student career goals.  Students may switch from one Pathway to another with the approval of their OSA Advisor, but must complete the requirements for at least one Pathway in order to graduate.

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12 weeks of electives with Patient Interaction

4 weeks of Sub-I

2 weeks of Transitions to Residency Course

24 weeks of Open Electives

Sub-Internship – 4 weeks
Patient Facing Clinical Elective – 8 weeks (taken during M4 after 04/25/2022)
Acute Care (EM or ICU)– 4 weeks
Transition to Residency – 2 weeks
Open electives – 20 weeks

Class of 2023 Graduation Requirement Tracking Sheet

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