Below is a complete listing of all cataloged electives that are approved for the Medical Selective requirement for the Medical Pathway and the Hospital-Based Pathway.  Any four week medical selective in this list will count toward your M4 graduation requirement regardless of career specialty choice. Information about “away” rotations as selectives can be found here.  (A selective must be four weeks in duration to count toward M4 graduation requirements.)

Click here for printable versions of recommended selectives and electives by career specialty  to help you in choosing your M4 schedule.


Acute & Chronic Pain Medicine – UI Health
Alcohol Dependence and Substance Abuse – JBVA
Ambulatory Medicine – ALGH
Asthma/Allergy & Immunology – UI Health
Cardiac Intensive Care – ALGH
Cardiology – ALGH
Cardiology – UI Health/JBVA
Cardiology Consult- AIMMC
Child Psychiatry – UI Health
Critical Care Medicine – AIMMC
Critical Care Medicine – UI Health/JBVA
Critical Care – Weiss
End of Life Care – UI Health/MHMC
Endocrinology – ACMC
Endocrinology – UI Health/JBVA
Endocrinology  and Metabolism – ALGH
Gastroenterology – ACMC
Gastroenterology – AIMMC
Gastroenterology – ALGH
Gastroenterology – UI Health/JBVA
General Psychiatry – ALGH
Genetics – UI Health
Geriatric Medicine – ALGH
Geriatric Medicine – UI Health/JBVA
Gero-Neuropsychiatry -ACMC
Hematology – ACMC
Hematology – UI Health/JBVA
Infectious Diseases – ACMC
Infectious Diseases – AIMMC
Infectious Diseases – ALGH
Infectious Diseases – SFH
Infectious Diseases – UI Health/JBVA
Maternal – Fetal Medicine (A): Antepartum Tract – UICMC
Medical Toxicology – UI Health/CCH
Medicine Intensive Care – ALGH
MedPeds –  UI Health
Neonatology – UI Health
Nephrology – ACMC
Nephrology – UI Health/JBVA
Nephrology and Hypertension- ALGH
Neurology – ACMC
Neurology – UI Health/JBVA
Neuropsychiatry – UI Health
Occupational & Environmental Medicine – UI Health/CCH (Stroger)
Outpatient Family Medicine – AIMMC
Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Pulmonology – UI Health
Pediatric Cardiology – ACMC
Pediatric Cardiology – UI Health
Pediatric Critical Care – UI Health
Pediatric Development – ACMC
Pediatric Endocrinology – UI Health
Pediatric Gastroenterology – ACMC
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology – UI Health
Pediatric Infectious Diseases – UI Health
Pediatric Nephrology – UI Health
Pediatric Neurology – ACMC
Pediatric Neurology – UI Health
Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology – ACMC
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – ACMC
Primary Care Medicine – AIMMC
Primary Care Sports Medicine – ACMC
Psychiatric Admitting Clinic – JBVA
Pulmonary Medicine – ACMC
Pulmonary Medicine – ALGH
Pulmonary Medicine – SFH
Pulmonary Medicine – UI Health/JBVA
Pulmonology/Allergy-Immunology – ACMC
Reproductive Endocrinology – UI Health
Rheumatology – ALGH
Rheumatology – UI Health/JBVA
Sports Medicine – UI Health
Women’s Health – UI Health
Women’s Health in Family Medicine – UI Health
Women’s Mental Health – UI Health

Updated 10/8/19