Mission Statement

The University of Illinois College of Medicine Continuing Medical Education (CME) program continuously seeks to enhance the educational environment for physicians through programming designed to improve the competence of participants, their performance in practice, and the outcomes of the patients they serve.

Purpose: Toward the fulfillment of this mission we aim to support and facilitate the implementation of learning activities for physicians that address identified clinical, research, education, and/or administrative practice gaps relevant to the professional activities of those who attend our events.

Content Areas: Activities are based on identified needs relevant to the target audience. Activity directors and planning committees develop the content for specific CME activities to address identified practice gaps. Topics may include, but are not limited to, clinical practice, relevant research, the physician-patient relationship, patient safety, quality improvement, and professional development in healthcare delivery. Activities will be designed to enhance desirable physician attributes.

Target Audience: Our activities target physicians engaged in clinical, research or administrative practice throughout Illinois, nationally and internationally.

Types of Activities: Our program will strive to match the instructional strategies to the educational needs of our target audiences and available resources. We encourage the use of multiple teaching methods and activity formats such as lectures, lecture and discussion, case conferences, performance improvement CME, webinars, simulation and demonstrations, workshops, and enduring materials for self study amongst others. Additionally, we encourage the incorporation and use of innovative educational practices to best achieve the intended learning objectives.

Expected Results: We expect our programs to improve the competence of our target audiences as demonstrated by self-report of changing behaviors, direct observation, and skills assessment and/or improved outcomes of the patients they serve.

Approved by the CME Executive Committee April 8, 2011