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GPPA Curriculum

The GPPA Core Curriculum is comprised of four discussion courses, each carrying one credit hour. These courses complement the typical college preparation for entry into medical school and are intended so that students attain a critical understanding of the profession of medicine and its role in our society. Courses are designed and taught by medical school faculty and are limited to GPPA students only.

Part of being a GPPA Medical Scholar involves being socially participatory in advocating for healthcare access and human rights.

Corazon Avila, Third Year

Year 1 Heading link

In the fall semester of the first year students are assigned a GPPA Medicine Advisor for their first year to begin to plan their educational program and develop the student’s specific goals for their university education. Students are required to meet with their GPPA Medicine Advisor at least once a semester. First year students are also required to register and take the initial two GPPA Medicine Core Curriculum courses which are given in two 8-week blocks during the Spring semester.​

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In the fall of the second year students will be assigned an advisor, an Honors College Fellow, who is also a faculty member in the College of Medicine (COM). The COM Honors College Fellow advises students on semester Honors Activities, independent study/research, study abroad and Capstone, and most importantly, is also a mentor and guide for the student in developing the overall knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for medical school and life as a physician. You must meet with your Honors College Fellow at least once a semester.

During the second year students are required to participate in the final two courses of the Core Curriculum that are given in two 8-week blocks in the Fall semester.

Years 3 and 4 Heading link

In years 3 and 4, with the exception of the Senior Thesis requirement and the development of a new course ‘An Introduction Into Scientific Inquiry, Discovery and Communication’, there are no other formal GPPA Medical Scholars didactic requirements. We expect that our students as they advance through the GPPA Medical Scholars Program will build upon the GPPA Medical Scholars Core Curriculum while designing their educational program to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and expand their interests in meaningful ways.

Many students, during these years, will seek study abroad opportunities that we wholeheartedly endorse. All students should try to enlarge and enrich new interests inspired by the GPPA Medical Scholars Core courses. Courses and interests to be pursued need not be focused on traditional pre-medical curricula, but should include explorations into totally new vistas. Your COM Honors College Fellows are ready to challenge you and help you obtain a wonderful, inclusive undergraduate education.

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Since GPPA Medical Scholars are part of the College of Medicine (COM), they partake in a number of COM-related activities and opportunities including lectures, seminars and research. Learn more about our research and innovations. In addition, the GPPA Medical Scholars Program enriches the student’s experiences by building a learning community and providing additional opportunities and activities for intellectual and social participation.

All GPPA Medical Scholars must be Honors College Students which allows them to participate in a plethora of Honors College activities. Learn more via an information session and visit. As members of the UIC community at large, GPPA Medical Scholars have additional opportunities for leadership and participation in the many student organizations and activities which characterize a major university.