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The Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions (GPPA) at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, is a highly sought-after program that offers aspiring students a unique and accelerated pathway to a career in the medical field. Designed for high-achieving students with a strong commitment to medicine, the GPPA program provides a direct route to the University of Illinois College of Medicine. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and community engagement, the program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the challenging yet rewarding field of medicine.

GPPA Medicine was my first opportunity to discuss patient cases within these realms, analyzing readings where physicians had to balance the tenets of doing no harm, alleviating suffering, and preserving patient autonomy. I am excited to carry these insights with me as I prepare to begin medical school, utilizing them will help me understand the art and science of medicine.

Michael Martinez, BS ‘19

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  • 45 Class size

  • 3.85 Average GPA

  • 700 Applicants

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Why UI COM GPPA Medical Scholars Program? Heading link

Our students say that the GPPA Medical Scholars Program supports their passions beyond their coursework. The University has community partnerships and programs to support students’ academic, research, and extra-curricular goals. The success of our graduates also influenced their decision to choose GPPA Medical Scholars Program. In addition, they cite four distinctive attributes that set us apart from other BA/BS-MD program:

The University of Illinois College of Medicine Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions (GPPA) Medical Scholars Program commenced in 1996.

Students are encouraged to explore their passions and permitted to major in an array of offerings. It is common to find our students majoring in non-science disciplines including the social sciences and humanities based majors. Although it is not mandatory for graduates to attend the University of Illinois College of Medicine, over 80% of our graduates continue their training at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and others attend other top tier schools. Our GPPA Medicine alumni are found in distinguished institutions throughout the country.


The GPPA Medical Scholars Program in the College of Medicine embraces the values and principles of a liberal arts education, and facilitates an excellent undergraduate liberal arts or engineering education enriched by special College of Medicine (COM) programs focused on the scope of medicine and healthcare in the context of the evolution of the social contract and its relation to the profession of medicine.


  1. To learn critical thinking skills including clarity of expression and logical precision.
  2. To learn to determine and prioritize what is important to think about and act upon.
  3. To acquire basic medical education knowledge and understanding central to the training in medical education and career in medicine.
  4. To embrace and lead self-wellness and discovery by exploring and becoming knowledgeable in the areas that will help oneself lead an enjoyable life (such as, but not limited to: literature, music, arts, athletics, theater, etc.).

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Stacie McCloud
Associate Dean, Honors College and GPPA Coordinator for the University

828 Halsted Street, Burnham Hall, Chicago, Illinois 60607