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Type of Activity

Your activity will be classified as an RSS (Regularly Scheduled Series) or Episodic.

RSS Activities are defined by the ACCME as a series of multiple sessions that occur either weekly, monthly, or quarterly CME activities that are primarily planned by and presented to the accredited organization’s professional staff. The Univeristy of Illinois College of Medicine (the provider) considers RSS activities to be Case Conferences, Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs, Morbidity & Mortality Rounds, or Tumor Boards, or any other type of regularly scheduled educational meeting that is formatted with a consistent theme (e.g. patient safety rounds, research rounds).

Episodic Activities are defined by the ACCME as a “live CME activity where there learned participates in person.” A course is planned as an individual event. Some courses are held multiple times with multiple audiences. The University of Illinois College of Medicine considers the following as types of Episodic Activities: Courses, Enduring Material, Internet CME, Performance Improvement CME (PI-CME). Your CME Coordinator will assist you in determining the type of Episodic activity you have.

Please contact your CME Coordinator for assistance in determining the type of CME activity that best fits the educational objectives of your proposed activity.

Application Assistance

Need help with your application? The powerpoint here is a great tool to use as a reference.

Guide to Creating General Learning Objectives for RSS Activities

Click here to view a sample of general learning objectives for RSS activities.

Exemplary Proposals

Click here to view samples of exemplary proposals. You may use this as a guide to creating your proposal.

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