Episodic Activity Information

Has your Episodic activity been approved?

Once your Episodic activity has taken place, please log into your eCME account to complete and submit the Post Activity Report.

Click here for the Post Activity Report checklist. Don’t forget to add your attachments! 


Frequently used forms for Episodic Activities can be accessed via the links below.

Post Activity Report Checklist (for Episodic activities)

Renewal Checklist (for Episodic activities)

Post Activity Report Table

Attendance List (template) 


What happens next?

After you submit your Post Activity Report, the CME office will review it and contact you for revisions, if needed. You will be notified via eCME when your post activity report is approved at the Executive level. Soon after approval, the certificates for your program will be generated and emailed to the Activity Administrator; and an invoice will be attached, if applicable.