Procedural Competencies for Graduating Medical Students*

1.      Arterial puncture

2.      Demonstrate proper use of an inhaler/ peak flow meter instruction and interpretation

3.      EKG lead placement

4.   Injection:  intradermal

5.   Injection:  intramuscular

6.   Injection:  subcutaneous

7.   Inserting a Foley catheter, male patient

8.   Inserting a Foley catheter, female patient

9.   Inserting an intravenous catheter

10. Inserting a nasogastric tube

11. Lumbar puncture 

12. Manage an airway, including endotracheal intubation

13. Obtaining informed consent

14. Skin suturing/ removal of sutures

15. Venipuncture

*The competencies listed represent only a subset of all technical skills and procedures required for graduation.  Those that are requirements in courses or clerkships are listed separately among those learning objectives.

Approved by CCIA 05 January 11

Approved by College Executive Cmt 15 June 11