1. Can I do a Sub-I as an away rotation?

Yes, but it must be listed as a Sub-I at an LCME-accredited institution, needs to meet UIC Sub-I criteria, have a completed Equivalency Form by the away Sub-I director, and must be approved by Dean Stringham.

  1. What is the difference between a Career Elective and a Sub-I?

A Sub-I has very specific criteria (must report to a Senior Resident or Attending, must be inpatient rotation, continuity with patients). A Career Elective is an elective that is in the field you are interested in pursuing. Please note – a Sub-I can be a career elective, but career electives are NOT Sub-Is

  1. Can you do more than one Sub-I?


  1. When is the best time to schedule a career elective or a Sub-I that is in my field of interest?

You want to be sure it is done early enough in your M4 year that your grade is submitted and can request a letter of recommendation for your MSPE. You should have at least one career elective completed before the end of August.

  1. What are the maximum number of research credits I can get, and when do I put them into my schedule?

The maximum number of credits is 8, and it can be placed anywhere in your schedule where you have at least 2 weeks of unscheduled time. Access to the research registration form can be found here: Research Electives Scheduling Form Please note – if you are a James Scholar, you need to submit a Research Elective Form.

  1. I am a GMED (or IMED, UMED, CE-MED) student. When do I apply those longitudinal credits?

It can be placed anywhere in your schedule where you have at least 2 weeks of unscheduled time. Each program has their own process for finalizing credits; therefore, please ask the director of the program how credits are finalized based on the requirements of the program. Once you have the information from the program, write an email to the registrar’s office via [email protected] to request to apply the credits to your schedule. A good suggestion is to apply the credits after M4 registration is completed.

  1. Can a Sub-I count as a patient facing elective?

 Not unless it is your second Sub-I. One elective cannot fulfill two graduation requirements.

  1. Do all emergency medicine and ICU electives count for the Acute Care graduation requirement?

 Most will but they need to involve direct patient care in which you directly manage patients.  At UIH the Emergency Medicine Clinical Research Elective, Emergency Ultrasound, and Medical Toxicology electives do not count for the Acute Care graduation requirement as they do involve direct management of patients.  External rotations done in the United States for a LCME approved elective can count after approval.

  1. Is there a limit on the number of Self-Designed ElectivesI can take to fulfill my Open Electives requirement?

No. There is no restriction on the number of Self-Designed electives a student can take to fulfill the Open Electives requirement at this time.

Updated 12/07/22