Scheduling Research Protocols for 3T

In order to facilitate the scheduling and processing of MR patients, please follow the listed guidelines below.

  1. Investigators are responsible for all scan time booked.
  2. Scan Time cannot be registered within 15 hours.
  3. Scan Time cannot be changed or cancelled within 48 hours.
  4. Scan Time can only be scheduled in 1 hour intervals.
  5. Only 10 hours are alloted for Z accounts per week across all investigators.
  6. Scanner time on Saturdays and Sundays are negotiable for investigators who can operate the 3T scanner self sufficiently.
  7. The scheduled time must be registered with the 3T Schedule System (Instructions).If you have questions regarding scheduling please contact :
    Mike Flannery
    Phone: (312) 996-1251
  8. All pertinent information should be available to the scheduling contacts. This should include:
    • Project code number from the Center for MR Research.
    • Name, address and telephone number of subject. All persons undergoing an MR procedure will be screened by MR Center staff for contraindications prior to their appointment date; telephone contact will be essential. For preliminary assessment, see reverse side of form.
    • UIC medical record number or relevant medical records outside of UIC. The MR Center staff will not request records from outside institutions.
    • Referring physician/ investigator with telephone contact number or email address if available.
  9. Paperwork from the principal investigator with the approved project code number should be sent to the Center 7 days prior to the requested appointment date. This may be faxed to (312) 355-3085 or sent by email to the scheduling contacts above.
  10. The potential subject will be contacted by either the Research Coordinator or Technologist within 3 business days, for English speaking persons only. Appointments for non-English speaking persons may depend on availability of translators. Upon completion of pre-screening, the subject will be scheduled. Notice to referring physician/investigator will be given via email confirming date and time of appointment.
  11. A letter of confirmation with instructional information will be sent to subject if the exam date is more than five days from date of scheduling. A telephone reminder will be made to subject one day prior to scan date.
  12. If subject fails pre-screening, an e-mail will be sent to the referring physician/investigator with contraindications outlined.

Scheduling Research Protocols for 9.4T

Call Dr. Thulborn at (847) 830 0725 and have the IRB approved protocol number available with subject contact information.