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Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute

The cornerstone of vision research at UIC

Vision research, like all biomedical science, has been revolutionized by the ability to identify and manipulate genes. The promise and power of research to prevent and cure disease has never been greater.

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Scientists working in the laboratories of the Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute search for the underlying causes of every major eye disease—including macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. They continue to unravel the mystery of how we see—because understanding how healthy vision works is critical to solving what can go wrong. And they employ the most advanced biotechnologies, from gene silencing to confocal microscopy, to conduct novel experiments that push the boundaries of what we know about vision and eye disease.

The treatments for blinding eye diseases at our disposal today are the result of discoveries made in research laboratories a generation ago. The research underway in the Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute, and throughout the community of vision scientists, points the way to treatments we can only begin to imagine.

History of the Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute Heading link

Lions institute building with people in front

In 1980, the promise of research to one day prevent blindness brought together the Lions of Illinois and the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Illinois at Chicago to create a modern facility dedicated to vision research. The now late Lion Norman Dahl, president of the Lions of Illinois Foundation at the time, and Dr. Morton Goldberg, who was then head of the Department of Ophthalmology, led the effort to build a center for vision research on the UIC campus.

The Department’s research program had grown exponentially under Dr. Goldberg’s leadership, and could no longer be housed in the Eye and Ear Infirmary. Not only was there too little space to accommodate the number of researchers, what little there was could not adequately support modern research needs. The Lions of Illinois had long been collaborators with the Department in many endeavors, including the Glaucoma Screening Project. The Lions agreed to undertake the construction of a research building for the state to operate and maintain as a part of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Over the next five years, Lions Clubs throughout Illinois raised funds for building construction through grassroots efforts that yielded over $5-million – the largest single fundraising effort the Lions had ever undertaken. In 1986, the Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute opened its doors.

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  • American Brands, Inc.
  • Antioc Lions Club
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  • Beaverville Lions Club
  • Belleville Lions Club
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