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Emergency Department Maternal Health Toolkit

  • Illinois Department of Public Health. Illinois Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Report. 2023 October.

  • Illinois Maternal Mortality Review Committees (MMRCs) found that, from 2018-2020, 91% of pregnancy-related deaths were potentially preventable.2

  • Of the people in Illinois who experienced a pregnancy-related death from 2018-2020, 66% had at least one ED visit.1

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Please note: this material is only available to the hospitals participating in the pilot of the Maternal Health ED Toolkit. The full materials will be released after the pilot is complete.

For inquiries about the Toolkit, complete this form.

About the Maternal Health ED Toolkit Implementation Guide Heading link

This guide will support you as you complete the Maternal Health Emergency Departmenet (ED) Toolkit. You will be guided to complete a pre-training questionnaire, 5 content-based modules, a post-training questionnaire, and receiving CME/Nursing Contact Hours credits. Each module component contains information on the module’s learning objectives, links to access the module videos, and additional resources to support your learning.

Critical Success Factors in the Emergency Department Heading link

  • Display a sign in your ED alerting patients that they should inform ED staff of their pregnancy or postpartum status.
  • Ask persons of reproductive age (10-55 years) if they are pregnant or within one year postpartum.
  • Document their pregnancy or postpartum status in the patient’s chart. For example, if available, check the EMR box for pregnant or postpartum status, or add a note to the chart.
  • Treat patients who are pregnant or within 1 year postpartum in accordance with the guidelines in the toolkit modules.

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*If you cannot remember your Anonymous Response ID, please search your email inbox and SPAM folder for the subject line “Maternal Health ED Toolkit – Response ID Number” or reach out to or for further assistance.

Complete a pre-training questionnaire, 5 modules, and a post-training questionnaire

  • You must start with the pre-training questionnaire. You will receive an Anonymous Response ID after completing the pre-training questionnaire. This Anonymous Response ID will grant you access to each module. Save this ID*.
  • After watching each module, you will need to certify that the module is complete in Qualtrics to receive credit.
  • Once you’ve completed the pre-training questionnaire and watching the Introduction module, you can complete the modules in any order. We recommend you watch each module in the order they appear.
  • The modules can be completed online, in-person, or a combination of both.

Set aside approximately 3.5 hours to complete the training.

Please note that you do not need to complete the training all at once.

  • The entire Maternal Health ED Toolkit does not need to be completed in one sitting, but each individual module cannot be paused to be finished later. Be sure to set aside enough time to complete the module at one time. Module B is available in 20-30 minute components.
  • The estimated time to complete each module is:
    • Introduction: 08 minutes
    • Module A: 14 minutes
    • Module B: 133 minutes
    • Module C: 31 Minutes
    • Module D: 28 minutes
    • Module E: 12 minutes

Each section below will guide you through each step

You will find the following information in each section:

  • The learning objectives of each module.
  • The links to each module’s video(s).
  • Resources associated with each module.

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Participant Toolkit Module Tracking Sheet