9.4T MR Scanner

The 9.4T 80 cm MR scanner at the Center for MR Research is a custom built, state of the art system for MR imaging. With a bore size of 80 cm and equipped with a head gradient set, the 9.4T scanner is primarily used for human brain imaging. The ultra-high static magnetic field increases the sensitivity of the MR signal and enables the completion of experiments (1H, 23Na, 31P, 17O, 39K) that are no practical at 3T when performed within acceptable imaging times for human subjects.

3T and 1.5T MR Scanners

There are two 3 whole body Tesla scanners (MR750, GE Healthcare, Milwaukee) for cardiac and functional brain imaging. The 3.0T scanners have 8 parallel channels and BRAINWAVE RT, the latest technology for functional brain imaging. All scanners support spectroscopy and image analysis with “functools”. The scanners are connected to a PACS (GE Healthcare) and advantage windows workstation for image display and processing.

MR Simulator

An MRI simulator is available for training subjects for fMRI.

Electronics Laboratory

The CMRR has a fully equipped electronics laboratory for RF coil development.