This elective is no longer taking scheduling request for AY 22-23.

This elective will not be available for AY 23-24.

PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Passing of Step One exam and completion of one clinical clerkship

Medical informatics is an interdisciplinary field that deals with resources, devices, and formalized methods for optimizing the storage, retrieval, and management of biomedical information. This course surveys information resources and management tools using a variety of instructional methods including online lectures/seminars, readings, and assessments. Assessment mechanisms include quizzes, short essays, hands-on exercises, and reflective writing. Assignments are designed to build informatics skills and for students to reflect and synthesize the impact informatics will have on their future career. This course is an asynchronous online course best suited to self-directed learners. The goal is to prepare the student for success in residency and practice by providing a foundation in medical informatics.

Upon completion of this elective, the student will be able to:

1. Define Medical Informatics and explain its component competencies as they relate to various roles in the practice of
medicine, including clinical care, research, and lifelong learning.
2. Retrieve, appraise, and apply medical information for clinical decision-making and patient education using a variety of
decision support tools and other information resources.
3. Discuss the impact of the electronic health record, government systems/resources, and “big data” on patient care,
biomedical research, and practice management.
4. Define health literacy concepts and utilize them in patient education and communication.
5. Develop a personal information management plan that demonstrates basic knowledge of information technologies,
tools, and resources.


1. Class participation
2. Course quizzes, short essays, hands-on exercises, and reflective writing
3. Timely completion of the elective


Program Number: ELEC 156
Program Directors: Emily Johnson, MLIS; Carmen Howard, MSLS; Deborah Lauseng, AMLS
Duration: 2 Weeks
Night Call: No
Max Students Accepted: 3

Updated:  9/15/20