PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Successful completion of all M3 core clerkships.

PURPOSE: This elective is designed to provide an experience in general Pulmonary Medicine with the student rotation on the Pulmonary Consultation Service at the University Hospital or the Jesse Brown VA Hospital.

COMPETENCIES: The emphasis during the rotation will be the understanding of normal and abnormal physiology along with the development of a rational approach to differential diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases. The student will be exposed to a wide variety of pulmonary diseases and diagnostic methodologies such as pulmonary function and exercise testing. In addition, during consults the student will be able to observe interventional procedures and procedural treatments for asthma and COPD. By the end of the rotation, the student will be able to interpret pulmonary function tests, and identify frequently observed abnormalities on chest roentgenograms.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: Teaching is conducted during attending rounds on a daily basis, and during formal didactic sessions. There are four weekly conferences dealing with multiple aspects of pulmonary and critical care medicine including surgical and oncologic problems. There is also a Multidisciplinary Chest Conference mid week. The students also attend a half-day clinic each week at the JBVA Hospital where they are supervised by an attending physicians.

ASSESSMENT: In view of the four-week student rotation modules of the College, and the different four-week Block rotation schedules of the Attending Physicians and Fellows, students in general work with two different sets of Attending Physicians and Fellows during their Pulmonary Medicine rotation. Each Attending Physician and Fellow will complete an evaluation form and discusses the evaluation with the student. The Program Director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine prepares the composite evaluation to be sent to The Dean’s Office based on these four evaluations once they are received.

To inquire about scheduling this elective, please contact Angie Fanuke, Internal Medicine Sub-I/Elective Coordinator at


Program Number: ELEC 625
Location: UI Health/JBVA
Program Director: Sunit Singla, MD
Coordinator: Afton Archer
Telephone: 312-996-8039
4 Weeks
Night Call: 
Students Accepted: 
Min. 1 Max. 2 (1 at UICMC 1 at JBVA)
Housestaff Used as Faculty: 
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: 
Laboratory/Independent Study: 
Total Hours /Week: 

Reporting Instructions:

Students should call Susan Hammerschmidt (312) 996-8039 a week or so prior to their start date. She will let you know who to page for instructions. Attendings change every two weeks, and fellows every four weeks.

KEY WORDS: Pulmonary Disease, Pulmonary Function Testing, Exercise Testing, Fiberoptic B bronchoscopy.

Updated; 01/27/22