PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Career and Non-Career students. Must have completed all core clerkships.
For non-UICOM students only. 


Non career students will learn:

-Essential skills of a basic ophthalmic exam
-Ophthalmic vocabulary
-Improved communication with the patient with regards to common ocular conditions
-Improved communication with ophthalmic consultant
-Appropriate and timely ophthalmology referrals
-Impact overall patient care within the community
-Gain ophthalmic knowledge as it pertains to the field of medicine the students are entering
-Affect interprofessional attitudes
-Help with professional socialization

Career students will learn:

-Essential skills of a basic ophthalmic exam
-Ophthalmic vocabulary
-Take students from their existing knowledge to increased competence
-Exposure and involvement in the authentic and legitimate work of the field


Expected learning outcomes

 -Basic ocular anatomy
-Acronyms in ophthalmology
-Basic eye exam skills
-Identify and manage common eye complaints
-Use of a direct ophthalmoscope

Information, skills, behaviors, or perspectives acquired through attendance and participation

-Online learning curriculum is sequenced and builds on each other through 4 weeks
-Weekly online medical student focused conferences motivate student involvement
-Progression from knowledge acquisition through required reading to application, analysis and synthesis with patient based case discussions

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: Lectures, Conferences, Case reviews, Case discussions, Demonstration, Oral presentations, Oral and written exam

ASSESSMENT: Based on summaries of e-learning submitted weekly; and final rotation grade will be based on their oral presentation, oral exam performance on 2 clinical case scenarios, performance on written exam. Midterm feedback given at the end of 2 weeks, based on student discussions and summaries submitted.


Program Number: ELEC 493
Program Director: Pooja Bhat, MD
Coordinators: Tammy Maldonado
Telephone: 312-996-7770
Duration:  4 Weeks
Night Call: No
Weekends: No
Students Accepted: Min. 4 Max. 8
Housestaff Used as Faculty: Yes
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: 12-14
Laboratory/Independent Study: 18-20
Outpatient: 0
Inpatient: 0
Total Hours /Week: 32-34
Updated:  6/12/20