PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: M4 status (only available to M4 students).

PURPOSE: The LEAD Experience is an intensive, joint service-based learning program, with the objective of building “citizen clinicians”, who are capable of acting autonomously to affect political change.  In short, the program is designed to teach resident physicians, medical students, and public health graduate students “health policy skills” to act in the macro health policy environment –specifically, how to be effective in analyzing health policy and conveying that analysis to lawmakers, thus promoting child well-being and health in the community and government environment.

COMPETENCIES: Health policy analysis.  Legislative briefing.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: The LEAD Experience organizes groups of resident physicians, medical students, public health graduate students and other interdisciplinary learners learn to engage in real-world policy analysis of children’s health issues, and briefing of state legislators.  State legislators, in turn, are potentially provided with valuable technical perspectives. The LEAD Experience is conducted through the schools of medicine and public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Didactics will be provided through a video-edutainment course featuring multidisciplinary medical, public health and political science faculty, delivered online via MoodleMed.  No night call is required for learners. While no place-based learning occurs on the weekends, time is allotted for virtual group preparation over the weekend. Medical students will be paired with resident physicians and public health graduate students, and will be encourage to meet frequently with their small groups. The two week elective, held during an active legislative session in February, features two “mock briefings” and culminates with one visit to the state legislator to deliver the final brief.  In the past, after delivering the brief, some learners have been invited to an optional “behind the scenes” events in Springfield, but this is dependent on the individual legislator and learners.


ASSESSMENT: An evaluation form will be filled out at the end of the rotation. Student grading determined by a combination of final group product, module quizzes, professionalism and peer rating.


Program Number: ELEC 330
Location: UI Health/SPHPI
Program Director: Jalene Shoener, MD
Coordinator: Lupe Medina
Telephone: 312-413-9589
Duration: 2 Weeks
Night Call: No
Weekends: Yes
Students Accepted: Max. 6
Group Preparation Hours/Week: 30
Inpatient Hours/Week: 0
Laboratory: 10
Outpatient: 0
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Hours/Week: 4
Total Hours /Week: 44

Reporting Instructions: Department of Pediatrics 12th floor. Specific room TBD.

KEYWORDS: Legislative, Health Policy, Advocacy, Analysis, Briefing

Updated: 8/16/19