PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Students must have completed the M3 Obstetrics and Gynecology clerkship.

PURPOSE: The senior elective rotation will provide the student with exposure to the practice and conceptual underpinnings of gynecologic oncology.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES:The student will actively participate in the care of patients as a member of the health care team. The rotation will attempt to provide an in-depth understanding of the concepts and procedures of gynecologic oncology, including surgical, chemotherapeutic and (in coordination with the Division of Radiation Oncology) radiation therapy basics.


Program Number: ELEC 638
Location: AIMMC
Site Director: Morteza Dini M.D., Phd.
Site Coordinator: Charlotte Hammond-Brown
Coordinator Medical Student Affairs: Maria Garcia
Telephone: 773-296-3584
Fax: 773-296-5051
Duration: 4 Weeks
Night Call: Not Required
Weekends: Not regularly
Students Accepted: Min. 1 Max 1 (this includes UIC and visiting students)
Housestaff Used as Faculty: Yes
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: Yes
Laboratory/Independent Study: No
Outpatient: Yes
Inpatient: Yes
Total Hours /Week: 40

Reporting Instructions:

Please review this website prior to your first day.

Location:  AIMMC – 836 W. Wellington Ave., OB/GYN Dept. 4th floor

Immunization & Compliance forms can be found here.

Note:Clinical electives at Advocate hospitals (ACMC, AIMMC, ALGH) are only available to students from LCME and AOA accredited institutions.

Updated: 7/1/16