The goals of the Longitudinal Community Rotation are to:

  • Develop a relationship with a community
  • Participate in wellness or prevention at the community level
  • Provide first-hand experience with community program design, implementation and evaluation


The LCR is a requirement for all UMed students. Each student is expected to:

  1. Spend at least 200 hours on their project over the course of 4 years
  2. Complete check-ins, reports, assignments, and evaluations by each deadline
  3. Participate in a collaborative fashion with their organization and their team
  4. Turn in one of the following final projects in the M4 year:
    1. A program evaluation paper;
    2. A grant proposal for a related community project or;
    3. A community-based participatory research proposal.

Active Partners

Deborah’s Place

Medicina Academy

Young Doctor’s Club

CommmunityHealth West Town Clinic

Mile Square Health Center- South Shore Clinic

Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion (CPHP)/Office of Community Engagements and Neighborhood Health Partnerships (OCEAN-HP)*

*This partner is not accepting new UMed cohorts at this time.

Please note that, while we encourage students to be engaged with a variety of community-based projects, UMed is unable to accommodate new partnerships as part of the LCR requirement at this time.