Connect with CDIS

Works in Progress

monthly on the first Monday at 12:00 pm via Zoom

where faculty, staff, students, and others interested in dissemination and implementation-related research can meet monthly to:

  • share their work
  • receive feedback about ideas
  • explore potential partnerships
  • stay connected to D&I science at UIC
Consulting Services

as needed upon request

formal study design-related consulting by appointment for researchers. Areas of consultation include (but are not limited to):

  • grant review
  • framework/theory selection
  • methodological guidance
  • implementation measure selection

Faculty Affiliate Program

CDIS faculty affiliates are a multidisciplinary group of scholars committed to CDIS’ mission to advance implementation research, practice, and education with community partners to achieve local and global health. CDIS faculty affiliates represent four UIC colleges and have access to consultation and assistance from experts in dissemination and implementation science and other topic areas, professional development activities, publication opportunities, and funds to support small travel awards, publication costs, and pilot research.

Faculty affiliates are expected to be ambassadors for the Center, sharing who we are and what we do. Each affiliate presents their research annually, attends works in progress seminars and/or consultations twice annually, and has opportunities to participate in Center cores, lead a working group, assist in grant submissions, and mentor others. Faculty affiliates are selected annually. If you are interested in applying, please contact Geri Donenberg at gerid@uic.edu. Current affiliates include:

Bethany Bray, PhD
Bethany Bray, PhDFaculty Affiliate
Senior Research Scientist, IHRP
Full Profile
Natasha Crooks, PhD, RN
Natasha Crooks, PhD, RNFaculty Affiliate
Assistant Professor, Department of Human Development Nursing Science
Full Profile
Brenikki Floyd, PhD, MPH
Brenikki Floyd, PhD, MPHFaculty Affiliate
Associate Dean of Community Engagement
Clinical Assistant Professor,
Community Health Sciences,
School of Public Health
Full Profile
Olamide Jarrett, MD, MPH
Olamide Jarrett, MD, MPHFaculty Affiliate
Associate Professor, Medicine
Full Profile
Angela Kong PhD, MPH, RDN
Angela Kong PhD, MPH, RDNFaculty Affiliate
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy
Full Profile
Sean McClellan, MD
Sean McClellan, MDFaculty Affiliate
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Sharmilee Nyenhuis, MD
Sharmilee Nyenhuis, MDFaculty Affiliate
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
University of Chicago
Full Profile
Andrea A. Pappalardo, MD, FAAAAI
Andrea A. Pappalardo, MD, FAAAAI Faculty Affiliate
Assistant Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics
Full Profile
Randi Singer, PhD
Randi Singer, PhDFaculty Affiliate
Assistant Professor, Department of Human Development Nursing Science
Full Profile
Nyssa Snow-Hill, PhD
Nyssa Snow-Hill, PhDFaculty Affiliate
Assistant Professor
Psychology, Clinical Psychology (Community)
DePaul University
Full Profile
Stephanie Torres, PhD
Stephanie Torres, PhDFaculty Affiliate
Assistant Professor
Educational Psychology
Full Profile
Dennis Watson, PhD
Dennis Watson, PhDFaculty Affiliate
Senior Research Scientist, Chestnut Health Systems
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Training Opportunities

Summer Internship

Since 2019, CDIS has offered a 10-week Summer Internship for undergraduate students and recent graduates. Interns engage in CDIS research projects and participate in a weekly seminar where they learn about implementation science and professional development skills. Applications for the 2024 Summer Internship are due March 29, 2024.

Topics include implementation outcomes and frameworks, qualitative and mixed methods approaches, and health equity, as well as how to conduct literature reviews, write cover letters, build a CV, interview for jobs, and set professional goals. At the end of the 10 weeks, interns present on their experience and plans to include implementation science in their future work.

Learn more and apply to the 2024 CDIS Summer Internship

Clinical Psychology Internship

CDIS partners with the UIC Clinical Psychology Internship program to provide interns with research training opportunities in mental health, HIV prevention and care, sexual and reproductive health, global health, mHealth, innovative methods, aging, substance misuse, homelessness, and implementation science for youth, adults, and families.

Interns are invited to work with CDIS faculty and staff on current and ongoing projects, grant writing, data collection, study implementation, intervention development and testing, data analyses, and manuscript writing. Opportunities are also available to participate in CDIS Works in Progress seminars, fireside chats, consultations, colloquia, and professional development activities.

Learn more about the UIC Clinical Psychology Internship

Medical Scientist Training Program

In response to the need for accomplished academic medical scientists, the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine offers a combined training program that leads to both the MD and the PhD degrees. The objective of the Program is to train students for careers in academic medicine and research. The Program integrates the medical curriculum with graduate studies in the basic medical sciences. Students pursue original research projects in the laboratories of the University’s graduate faculty along with medical studies in the College of Medicine.

CDIS partners with the UIC Medical Scientist Training Program to give trainees access to research scholars and projects that have direct implications for translational science. In this video, Geri Donenberg describes the Center’s work and opportunities for Medical Scientist Trainees to pursue research projects at the Center.

Volunteer with CDIS

The Center for Dissemination and Implementation Science (CDIS) offers opportunities for students and volunteers to receive experience working on projects that promote health equity in three thematic areas:

  • Dissemination and Implementation Science
  • Urban and Global Health
  • Community-Engaged Research

Our team offers specific expertise in the areas of:

  • HIV prevention and care
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Mental health
  • Homelessness
  • Substance misuse
  • Juvenile justice
  • Youth and families
  • Gender-based violence
  • Intervention development, adaptation, and testing
  • mHealth
  • Aging
  • Innovative analytic methods
  • Global health

If you are interested in working with CDIS, please complete the CDIS Student And Volunteer Application and email it to Claire Corcoran (cbridg4@uic.edu).