Professional Development

  1. Department of Medicine Professional Fund: Residents will receive funding up to $1000 annuallyto present their UIC-affiliated abstract at professional society meetings.
  2. GME Education Fund:Through GME, UI Health provides an annual education stipend. PGY1s receive $500, and PGY2-3s receive $1000. Residents typically use these funds to purchase study materials and/or electronic devices.
  3. Program Director and Associate Program Director monthly office hours for residents
  4. Dedicated Residency Tracks: Innovation in Technology in Medicine, Academic Internal Medicine, Urban Global Health, Medical Education Residency Tracks each with unique extracurricular events, development, networking, and benefits
  5. Dedicated Research Time: Option for dedicated research half days during outpatient Y block
  6. Paid Curriculum Enhancements
              a. Training in Simulation and Integrative Learning Center:
    i. IO, Adenosine, stopcock Station
    Defibrillator (pace, cardiovert, defib)
    Compressions and LUCAS
    Pulm Skills (bag mask ventilation, trach emergency, supplemental oxygen)
    Code cart drugs and dosing
    Ultrasound-guided central venous line and arterial line training
    b. Expert led debriefing sessions
    Gaples Institute’s training on “Nutrition Science for Health and Longevity: What Every Physician Needs to Know”
    John Hopkin’s Physician and Education Assessment Center’s “Interactive Ambulatory Care Medicine Modules”
  1. Volunteering at UIC Student Run Free Clinic
  2. Virtual Interview Preparation Panel- The chiefs residents organize a panel of faculty interviewers to excel at fellowship interviewing.
  3. Fellowship, Academic, and Hospitalist panels: The chief residents organize faculty panels, so residents can learn about fellowship specialties and hospital medicine.
  4. Ideas on Tap Research Mixer: The department of medicine organizes this annual poster presentation event for residents to present their scholarly activities and network with faculty.
  5. Paid ACP Membership:The Department pays for all categorical Internal Medicine residents to become members of the American College of Physicians (ACP) during their training. Residents receive MKSAP question bank at a discounted rate and ACP conference attendance is paid for.
  6. Paid subscription to MedStudy for resident access to IM Board Review videos and syllabi.

Resident Wellness

  1. Vacation and wellness days: Residents receive four weeks of UIH paid vacation each year plus two IM additional Wellness Days.
  2. OnZar International: Variety of Chicago sports and theater tickets provided by Dr Zar
  3. UIC Family Leave PolicyWhen residents are supported during the time surrounding new parenthood, both home and work activities are enhanced. The health of both parent and child benefit from supportive family leave policies. In providing our residents with a comprehensive plan for protected family leave, we are fostering a culture of personal growth and happiness.
  4. Annual overnight retreat for each PGY class: The Program Directors host an overnight retreat for each class at an offsite hotel in the fall.
  5. Wellness events scheduled by the Department Wellness Committee and Associate Program Directors
  6. Discounted gym membership: $28 a month UIC gym membership (medical and undergraduate campus access) and discounted membership at Chicago Athletic Club gyms
  7. “Resident of the Month” Recognition
  8. Catered meals provided by the Department:
    1. Daily coffee provided at UIH
    2. Breakfast at weekly Morning Report
    3. Lunch at monthly resident meeting,
    4. Dinner at quarterly faculty-hosted Journal Clubs
  9. Meal Allowance for Call Shifts:UI Health provides residents a quarterly meal allowance. Residents can use their meal card at the UI Health cafeteria, Au Bon Pain, and the Wood Street Market, all of which are on campus.
  10. VA Meals: Basic sandwiches/snacks provided in the on-call kitchen at the VA. Full meals provided at the inpatient cafeteria for inpatient teams.

Paid Moonlighting and Extra Shift Pay

  • Daily Internal Moonlighting- All permanently licensed PGY-3 residents on a non-admitting rotation are eligible for paid moonlighting. A variety of daily opportunities are available. Residents will earn $1400 per medicine shifts and $1800 for MICU shifts.
  • Differential Pay- The senior resident assigned to the daily “Specialty Medicine On Duty (SMOD)” shift, which takes phone calls for team F, will earn $200 per shift (regardless of approval for moonlighting).

UIH/GME Benefits and Salary for Residents

A sample contract may be found here: sample contract

2022-2023 Stipends

  • PGY 1  $59,890.00
  • PGY 2  $61,996.00
  • PGY 3  $64,113.00
  • PGY 4  $66,454.00
  • PGY 5  $69,229.00 

List of Benefits and Links
UIH residents who include dependents on their State/University health insurance will receive an additional stipend as partial reimbursement of the cost of health insurance for dependents*. For the current fiscal year (FY23), the maximum reimbursement is $141.00 for one dependent and $177.00 for two or more dependents.


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