Welcome From The Program Director

Fred Zar.

Fred A. Zar, MD,  Professor of Medicine
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
Course Director, M2 Clinical Pathophysiology

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to one of the finest Internal Medicine Residencies in the country. This is my 30th year as an Internal Medicine Program Director and the excitement of bringing physicians to their fullest potential continues to motivate me every day. My approach is “hands on” in nature…I interact with the house staff 12-months a year in a variety of learning environments which include attending on the wards, conducting morning report and participating in noon conferences.

The campus offers two inpatient training sites: The University of Illinois Hospital and, two blocks away, the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. These sites ensure a diverse patient population and a tertiary-referral patient base that feeds our research, primary care, sub-specialty, and transplant programs.

The University of Illinois sponsors over 50 ACGME accredited residency programs with a fully staffed Graduate Medical Education Office to assist in the administration of its programs. This resource facilitates constant attention to residents’ needs and assures compliance with all ACGME educational and duty hours requirements. Our Internal Medicine Residency is enjoying accreditation with commendation by the ACGME for compliance with all of their educational requirements.

For decades, both facilities have had a state-of-the-art computerized medical record that facilitates continuity of care and data retrieval and is seamless between the inpatient and outpatient setting. The University of Illinois Hospital has, for the past 10 years, been recognized as the top 100 “Best Wired” hospitals in the country based on its electronic medical record that offers home access as well.

The University outpatient clinic is a beautifully constructed spacious center that allows a comfortable environment for your ambulatory experience that, in addition to the clinics at our VA, will make up 40% of your training.

Our Health Sciences Library is the largest health sciences library in the Midwest and is fully accessible online. If journals have articles of interest that not available online as pdf’s, a dedicated library staff member will photocopy and send them to your email box, providing access to copies of hard-to-find publications going back over a century in time. I have also created and maintain a password-protected online UIC Residency Reading List of over 6,500 pdf’s that are used as the core literature for the program and is updated weekly.

Our Dr. Allan L. and Mary L. Graham Clinical Performance Center is a large simulation center that is used to certify all incoming residents in common internal medicine procedures as well as to assist in cardiac diagnoses (using our simulator Harvey) and medical emergencies (using SimMan).

You will be taught by a full-time faculty consisting of over 200 physicians, none of whom are in private practice, and thus can dedicate their time to the education of medical students and house staff, direct patient care, and clinical/basic science research. You will have patient-care autonomy in a comfortably layered educational environment in which help is easily accessible during the day-to-day management of your own patients. All faculty actively participate in research.

There are three special tracks within the residency program. One is our Physician-Scientist track which guarantees you the fellowship of your choice should you match here. Another is our Urban Global Health track which provides you with additional training in the challenges of providing care to special populations. And, we have an Academic Internal Medicine track for those who are seeking a career as an academic general internist.

Lastly, and most importantly, the program is extraordinarily friendly, non-hierarchical, and matches students from all over the country into a warm and family-like environment. If you want a world-class program in a world-class city, whose cultural, artistic and sports diversity are second to none…please apply.I look forward to having an opportunity to meet with you personally and discuss our program and your future goals.


Fred Arthur Zar, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
University of Illinois at Chicago

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