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Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellows

Meet our current fellows

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Sarung Kashyap, Third Year Fellow

Coming into UIC for pulmonary critical care fellowship at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was an interesting experience. The program leadership adapted the curriculum to both provide for the patient’s needs and ensure we were receiving the subspecialty training we needed. We get experience with a variety of unique pulmonary clinics, including pulmonary hypertension, lung cancer, interstitial lung disease, tuberculosis, COPD/asthma, sleep/NIV clinics. We see patients admitted with unique pulmonary disease states as UIC has a large population of patients with connective tissue disease, liver disease, sickle cell disease, solid organ and stem cell transplant. Within the ICU world, we rotate through medical ICU, neuro ICU, tele ICU and see a variety of cardiac and surgical ICU patients as well. The faculty are invested in trainee’s success both during training and beyond. There is no shortage of inspirational mentors with diverse career experiences and research interests.

Sarung Kashyap  |  Third Year Fellow

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Maidah Yaqoob, Class of 2021

While looking for the best ‘fit’ for me for fellowship, my primary criteria was people, because people make places and experiences! I am grateful that I matched at UIC because it provided me with the most humble, learned, renowned and wise attendings with a vested interest in my education and well being. The clinical experience, research opportunities and mentorship created the foundation of my training that made me into a physician I have always aspired to be! Not only did UIC provide me with opportunities to further my career but also with long lasting friendships with my co-fellows and attendings that I will cherish forever! As I part, I leave a piece of my heart behind and carry with me UIC’s legacy.

Maidah Yaqoob  |  Class of 2021

At UIC I had the opportunity to train under world class researchers and clinicians. This provided invaluable experience in critically evaluating the ever changing landscape of pulm and critical care. It was particularly useful for navigating the explosion of weak data that plagued the early months of the global pandemic Providing care for the complex population of inner city Chicago allowed ample opportunity to develop the skills needed to resuscitate and stabilize the incredibly sick. The community that is forged in the challenges of fellowship training has left me with lifelong friends amongst well respected colleagues. However the most important lesson that was continuously reinforced is the need to be a lifelong student and resist settling for easy answers.

Mateo Tole, MD  |  Former Fellow Class of 2019

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