James Scholar Program

James Scholar Graduates Class of 2019

James Scholar Graduates Class of 2019

If you have questions, contact Kati Helling, Phase 2/3 Coordinator in the Office of Curricular Affairs at 312-996-8580 or [email protected]. The program director is Dr. Lisa Razzano at [email protected].


The James Scholar for Independent Study Program (JS/ISP) focuses on supporting and refining research skills among medical students as they develop into clinical physicians. The James Scholar Program is designed to support medical student researchers during their M2-M4 years, with research projects culminating in high-level activities, such as presentations at abstracted scientific conferences and academic meetings as well as publication of research papers.

Students interested in applying to be James Scholars should actively be engaged in research at the time of application as well as be in good academic standing. Research activities should be with academic faculty, having initiated these activities in the summer prior to their M2 year. Applicants should have an established relationship with the faculty member who can serve as a mentor over the course of program participation.

All complete applications will be reviewed by a James Scholar committee made up of UIC faculty. Select students will be invited for an in-person interview with those same committee members. Based on a review of the application and the personal interview, James Scholars will be selected.

 James Scholar Selection Criteria:
1. Curriculum Vitae (CV), prior research experience should be mentioned
2. Personal statement (detail how being in the program will affect professional development)
3. Project Abstract
4. Summary of research project

5. Recommendation letter

6. Interview

Scoring to 100 points:

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Prior research experience should be highlighted.

10 points

Personal Statement

Five points for each of these categories:

  1. Summary of interest in research.
  2. Detailing how participation will affect professional development.
  3. Plan for continuity of research.

15 points

Project Abstract

150 words or less.

5 points

Summary of Research Project

Materials not to exceed 5 pages. References listed as the last page, does not count toward the 5 page limit. Margins not smaller than ½ an inch, and minimum 12 point font.

  1. Literature Review
  2. Current Level of Collaboration
  3. Proposed Methods
  4. Relevant Analytic/Evaluation Strategies
  5. Anticipated Results
  6. Planned Outcomes & Outputs
  7. Sustainability into Professional Career

50 points

Recommendation letter

Letter of support from your research mentor, 1-2 pages.

  1. Summary of Collaboration
  2. Role in Supporting Student
  3. How Project Extends Previous Work

15 points


In-person interview

10 points

James Scholar Timeline:

  1. November 10, 2021 – Applications Due, 3 pm Central Time
  2. December 8-15, 2021 – Interviews (dates approximate)
  3. December 17, 2021 – Applicants notified of results
  4. March 2022– First Quarter Project Progress Reports due


Dr. Lisa Razzano ([email protected]) Director of the James Scholar Program.

Kati Helling ([email protected] – 312.996.8580) Associate Director, Curricular Affairs.

Email all components of the completed application to Jodi by the application deadline.