Rotations & Conferences

Here at UIC, your education is our priority. From high-fidelity simulations, Resident Olympics, and after-hour Journal Clubs to specialized tracks, events across the city, and diverse practices at our four hospitals sites, the Curriculum at UIC will meet your needs no matter where you choose to practice after you graduate.


We are a 3 year EM training program. Each year of training consists of thirteen 4-week rotations. During each block you will be rotating through one of our four hospital sites. We know education is individualized, which is why we refuse to have pre-scheduled rotation tracks. Our residents can request how they want their year to look, as long as they get all of the required rotations completed.

Rotations Available

Cardiac Care Unit
Medical ICU
Pediatric EM
Adult EM- 7 block rotations

Medical/Surgical ICU
Pediatric EM
Pediatric ICU
Adult EM- 8 block rotations

Adult EM- 11 block rotations
Elective Month


Five hours of protected conference time each week.

Every Thursday morning we have 5 hours of protected conference time with 2 hours of protected time after conference to allow our residents time before their shifts to eat, hang out and enjoy the weather.

The first hour of conference is dedicated to our BrownCoat Core Curriculum, which is an intern specific curriculum. During this hour the seniors will either have asynchronous learning or higher-level topics covered.

During the rest of our conference time you can expect high yield 20-30 minute lectures, small groups, simulations and procedure workshops. We are EM physicians and know the best learning happens in the first 20 minutes, other than grand rounds, we do not have hour long lectures.