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Social Emergency Medicine Track

What is social emergency medicine? Heading link

Social Emergency Medicine promotes the integration of social contexts into the practice of Emergency Medicine. It is the framework through which we recognize and appreciate the interplay of the social determinants of health and health disparities in emergency care and how these impact individual and community health measures and the illness experience.

Note: For residents interested in health equity on a global scale, Global Emergency Medicine incorporates global health principles into practice of emergency care in resource-limited settings, disaster and humanitarian response, and emergency medicine development. Graduate Global Health Certificate Programs for residents are offered through the UIC Center for Global Health (CGH).

For additional information, please inquire with Dr. Stacey Chamberlain who is EM faculty and also Director of Academic Programs at the CGH at

Program objectives and core competencies Heading link

The goal of our Social Emergency Medicine Track is for participating residents to assert competence in addressing and alleviating health disparities. This program seeks to provide residents with the tools to deconstruct how social factors impact health outcomes and to build skills to provide high quality, patient-centered, culturally appropriate care to all patients, particularly those who are underserved and marginalized. This program is aimed at creating the future leaders of Social Emergency Medicine in our specialty. Participants will:

  1. Understand the relationship between societal factors and health disparities and outcomes.
  2. Engage in meaningful mentorship and scholarship aimed at addressing health disparities through community (local or international) and ED-based interventions.
  3. Experience and gain appreciation for interdisciplinary approaches to healthcare challenges that are faced in emergency care.
  4. Work in teams to develop an area of expertise in Social Emergency Medicine and to create a didactic that will be used to teach all EM residents during our regularly scheduled EM conference.
  5. Work in teams to complete a Social Emergency Medicine Capstone Project.

Participants in this track will work closely with the program director to identify subject matter experts in their areas of interest. The residents will be provided the mentorship needed to ensure milestones are met. The participants will work closely in groups with track members, faculty mentors and the program director to design, implement and disseminate their Social EM Capstone project in the form of a conference presentation and/or scholarly publication.

How to participate in this track Heading link

This is an opt-in track in addition to the integration of Social Emergency Medicine didactics within the residency program as a whole. You are able to declare your intent to participate by contacting Dr. Inboriboon.

Please review the program materials and feel free to direct any questions, concerns or inquiries to Dr. Charlie Inboriboon (

Current social EM research projects Heading link

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