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Current Publications Heading link

  • Choo EK, Strehlow M, Del Rios M, Oral E, Pobee R, Nugent A, et al. Observational study of organizational responses of 17 US hospitals over the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. BMJ Open. 2023 May;13(5):e067986.
  • Danielson, K, Rydzon, B, Nicosia, M, Maheswaren, A, Eisenberg, Y, Lin, J, Layden, B. Prevalence of Undiagnosed Diabetes Identified by a Novel Electronic Medical Record Diabetes Screening Program in an Urban Emergency Department in the US. JAMA Network Open. January 2023. 6. e2253275.
  • Eilbert W, Nguyen H. Premenarchal ovarian torsion. Emerg Med J. 2023.
  • Joseph Bledsoe, Scott C. Woller, Maria Brooks, Frank C. Sciurba, Jerry A. Krishnan, Deborah Martin, Peter Hou, Janet Y. Lin, et al. Clinically stable covid-19 patients presenting to acute unscheduled episodic care venues have increased risk of hospitalization: secondary analysis of a randomized control trial | BMC Infectious Diseases.
  • Justice NC, Zhu X, Li J, O’Donnell JM, Vanden Hoek TL. Intra-ischemic hypothermia cardioprotection involves modulation of PTEN/Akt/ERK signaling and fatty acid oxidation. Physiol Rep. 2023 Feb;11(4):e15611. PMID: 36807889.
  • Kotini-Shah P, Blum N, Khosla S, Weber J, Markul E, Tataris K, Campbell T, Vanden Hoek T, Del Rios M. Interhospital variability in Out-of-Hospital cardiac arrest survival in a large metropolitan area. Resusc Plus. 2023 Mar 31;14:100385. doi: 10.1016/j.resplu.2023.100385.
  • Li J, Zhu X, Oberdier MT, Lee CP, Lin S, Fink SJ, Justice CN, Qin K, Begeman, AW, Damen FC, Kim H, Chen J, Cai K, Halperin HR, Vanden Hoek TL. A cell-penetrating PHLPP peptide improves cardiac arrest survival in murine and swine models. J Clin Invest. 2023;133(9): e164283. PMID: 37115695.
  • Leora Horwitz, Tanayott Thaweethai, Shari B. Brosnahan, Lin J. et al. Researching COVID to enhance recovery (RECOVER) adult study protocol: Rationale, objectives, and design. PLOS ONE
  • Prendergast H, Khosla S. Lessons Learned about Policy Making: Moving an Emergency Department-initiated Screening Protocol to Systemwide Input in the Development and Implementation Process. Academic Emergency Medicine. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2023.
  • Spratt F, Eilbert W. Child with fever and a rash. J Am Coll Emerg Physicians Open. 2023;4(2):e12932.
  • Wang HE, Panchal A, Hyer JM, Nichol G, Callaway CW, Aufderheide T, Nassal M, Vanden Hoek TL, Li J, Daya MR, Hansen M, Schmicker RH, Idris A, Wei L. Assessment of intensive care unit-free and ventilator-free days as alternative outcomes in the pragmatic airway resuscitation trial. Resuscitation. 2022;179:50-58. PMID:35940492
  • Weinreich Heather, Pavitra Kotini-Shah, Bernice Man, Ruth Pobee, Laura E. Hirshfield, Barbara J. Risman, Irina A. Buhimschi. Work-Life Balance and Academic Productivity among College of Medicine Faculty during the Evolution of the COVID-19 Pandemic – The New Normal-Women’s Health Report

Past Publications Heading link

  • Thompson TM, Erikson TB. Opiates.In Schafermeyer, RW, Tenebein M, Macia C, Sharieff G, Yamamoto L, eds. Strange and Schafermeyer’s Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 5th Edition. McGraw-Hill 2019:738-739
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  • Yantzi, R, van de Walle, G, Lin JY*, “The disease isn’t listening to the drug: socio-cultural context of antibiotic misuse for viral respiratory infections in rural Uganda“, Global Public Health, November 2018
  • Jarman, A; Mumma, BE; Perman, SM; Kotini-Shah, P; McGregor A. “When the Female Heart Stops: Sex & Gender Differences in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Epidemiology and Resuscitation“, Clinical Therapeutics.
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  • Bermudez A, Eilbert W. Symptomatic hypercalcemia. Emergency Medicine News. The Case Files. 2019.
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  • Del Rios M, Morales G, Gan J, Campbell T, Sharp L, Gerber B. Major League Soccer Provides a Captive Audience for Promoting Bystander CPR and AED Use Among HispanicsJ Natl Med Assoc. 2018 Aug;110(4):326-329 PMID: 30126556
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