UIC Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Training Program Training Faculty


 Primary (& Secondary) Appointment(s)
Research Interests                           
UntermanUnterman, Terry / MD
Professor, Director
Medicine/ Endocrine (Physiology and Biophysics, Kinesiology and Nutrition)Insulin action, gene regulation, metabolism

Fitzgibbon, Marian L/ PhD
Professor, Co-Director

Medicine – Vice Chair for Scholarly Activities, Associate Director, Institute for Health Research and PolicyHealth risk reduction in minority and underserved populations
Giamila Fantuzzi

Fantuzzi, Giamila / PhD
Professor, Co-Director

Kinesiology and Nutrition, Director of Graduate StudiesObesity, inflammation, adipocyte biology

Basic Research

 Primary (& Secondary) Appointment(s)
Research Interest

Alrefai, Waddah / PhD
Associate Professor

Medicine/ Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Lipid and bile acid metabolism, transport and regulation in gut


Bonini, Marcelo G / PhD
Assistant Professor and Director

Medicine/ Cardiology (Pathology and Pharmacology), UIC Oxidative Stress Center

Oxidative stress, cell signaling and inflammation

Scott Brady

Brady, Scott / PhD
Professor and Head

Professor & Department Head in Anatomy and Cell BiologyCellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Eugene Chang

Chang, Eugene / MD
Martin Boyer Professor

Medicine/ Gastroenterology, Associate Section Chief for Research, University of ChicagoGI physiology, microbiota, nutrition, obesity

DiPeitro, Luisa A / PhD
Professor, Director and Assoc Vice Chancellor

Dentistry/ Periodontics; Director, Center for Wound Repair and Regeneration; Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Wound healing, inflammation, regenerative medicine

Pradeep Dudeja
Dudeja, Pradeep / PhD

Medicine/ Gastroenterology and HepatologyGastrointestinal transport and absorption, liver-gut communication

Fukai, Tohru/ PhD
Associate Professor

Pharmacology and Medicine (Cardiology)Oxidative stress, Diabetes, Endothelial Biology
Nissim Hay

Hay, Nissim / PhD

Biochemistry and Molecular GeneticsSignaling pathways in cancer and metabolic disease
Rhonda Kineman
Kineman, Rhonda / PhD

Associate Professor
Endocrinology, Diabetes and MetabolismGrowth hormone,  liver metabolism, beta cell biology
Timothy Koh

Koh, Timothy / PhD

Kinesiology & Nutrition (Bioengineering)Inflammation and wound healing in diabetes
Irena Levitan

Levitan, Irena / PhD

Medicine/ PulmonaryCholesterol/ hyperlipidemia, endothelial dysfunction
Douglas Lewandowski

Lewandowski, E. Douglas / PhD
Associate Professor, Director

Physiology and Biophysics; Director, Center for Cardiovascular ResearchCardiac metabolism and function
Liew Chong Wee

Liew, Chong Wee / PhD
Assistant Professor

Physiology & BiophysicsAdipocyte and beta cell differentiation and biology
Asrar malik

Malik, Asrar B. / PhD
Professor, and Head

Professor & Head, Dept of PharmacologyEndothelial cell barrier function

Minshall, Richard / PhD
Associate Professor

Anesthesiology (Pharmacology)Cell signaling, inflammation and endothelial biology
Nieto, Natalia / PhD

Associate Professor

PathologyAlcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, NASH

O’Bryan, John P. / PhD
Associate Professor

PharmacologyCell signaling, protein-protein interaction

Pelligrino, Dale / PhD

AnesthesiologyCerebrovascular regulation by inflammation and diabetes

Prabhakar, Bellur / PhD
Professor and Head, Associate Dean

Professor & Head, Dept of Microbiology & Immunology, and Associate Dean for ResearchAutoimmune disease, epigenetics in Type 1 diabetes, beta cell function

Song, Zhenyuan / PhD
Associate Professor

Kinesiology and NutritionSteatosis, alcoholic liver disease and NAFLD, adipocyte biology

Subbaiah, Papasani / PhD

Endocrinology, Diabetes and MetabolismLipid biology, insulin resistance
Angela Tyner

Tyner, Angela/MD

Biochemistry and Molecular GeneticsGene regulation and cell growth in liver and gut

Unterman, Terry/MD

Medicine/ Endocrine (Physiology and Biophysics, Kinesiology and Nutrition) PI,Insulin action, gene regulation, metabolism

Ushio-Fukai,  Masuko/PhD
Associate Professor

PharmacologyOxidative stress, angiogenesis and vasculogenesis

Watanabe, Kieko/PhD
Associate Professor

Dentistry/ Periodontics  (Center for Wound Repair and Tissue Regeneration)Inflammatory pathways and glucose homeostasis in periodontal disease


  Primary (& Secondary) Appointment(s)Research Interest 
Elena Barengoltz

Barengolts, Elena / MD

Associate Professor

Medicine/ EndocrinologyClinical research, vitamin D in prediabetes and obesity

Brown, Michael / PhD


Kinesiology and NutritionCellular/molecular in endothelial dysfunction in African Americans
Jacob Haus

Haus, Jacob / PhD

Assistant Professor

Kinesiology & Nutrition  (Medicine – Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism) Co-Director,Insulin resistance, muscle metabolism, exercise physiology

Oberholzer, Jose / MD

Professor, Head and Director

Professor of Surgery, Head, Transplant Surgery and Director,UIC Islet Research Laboratory (Bioengineering and Medicine- Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism)Human islet transplantation, beta cell proliferation, islet physiology

Phillips, Shane / PhD
Associate Professor

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative MedicineEndothelial dysfunction in obesity – human studies

Quinn, Lauretta / MSN, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor

College of Nursing, Biobehavioral Health Science (Kinesiology and Nutrition)Type 1 diabetes, metabolism and management

Varady, Kristina / PhD
Associate Professor

Kinesiology & NutritionObesity, nutrition, alternate day modified fasting, cardiovascular risk


 Primary (& Secondary) Appointment(s)Research Interest

Daviglus, Martha L / MD, PhD
Professor and Director, Associate Dean

Medicine/ General Internal Medicine, Director, UIC Institute for Minority Health Research, Associate Dean for ResearchInternal Advisory Committee Cardiovascular risk, quality of life, health care costs, aging, minority health.

Fitzgibbon, Marian L. /PhD
Professor, Chief and Assoc Director

Medicine – Section Chief, Health Promotion Research and Associate Director, Institute for Health Research and Policy Co-Director,Obesity, health risk reduction in underserved populations.

Gerber, Ben / MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Medicine / General Internal Medicine (Health Promotion Research and Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism)Health interventions in underserved populations with chronic diseases.

Gordon. Howard / MD

Associate Professor

Medicine / Health Promotion ResearchDoctor-patient communication, racial disparities in health care; quality of care.

Lash, James / MD


Medicine/ NephrologyMinority health research, hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease.
MarquezMarquez, David / PhD

Assistant Professor

Kinesiology and NutritionExercise Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. Health disparities among Latinos.

Mermelstein, Robin J. / PhD
Professor and Director

Psychology, and Director, Institute for Health Research and Policy)Health promotion and behavior modification.

Persky, Victoria / MD

Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public HealthEpidemiology, public health, POPs and diabetes/ obesity.
Lisa SharpSharp, Lisa K. / PhD

Associate Professor

Medicine – Health Promotion ResearchEcological, social, and psychological influences upon inflammatory processes.

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