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Think like an internist.            Practice like an ER physician.

Welcome to the University of Illinois at Chicago IM/EM Dual Training Program. Our program offers a unique and solid foundation for postgraduate training at one of the nation’s top academic medical centers. As a resident you will learn how to constantly adapt and change modes of thinking within multiple hospital systems. Are you ready for the challenge?

Big city. Tight knit community.

UIC IM/EM invests in residents like you. Throughout our five-year program, we will not only prepare you for dual certification in both IM and EM specialties, but also will become your greatest support system. You can then give this support to the patients who truly need it.

We’ll get you where you want to go.

UIC’s dual training program will give you the opportunity to define your path within the field of medicine that interests you the most.

Many of our IM/EM graduates have gone onto pursue positions such as:

  • International Clinic Directors
  • Program Directors
  • Fellowship Directors
  • Department Chairs
  • Vice Presidents of Healthcare Companies
  • Fellowships in all fields

Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Paul Casey

Dr. Paul Casey has been an attending in Emergency Medicine since 2010. Dr. Casey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Rush University Medical Center where he serves as Vice Chair of Operations. He has successfully led many large scale improvement initiatives at Rush, including the CREW patient safety team training program at Rush and the multi-disciplinary EM Innovations team that has driven many process improvements in the ED. He has also served as Associate Chief Informatics Officer for Rush since 2017 and was promoted to Associate Chief Medical Officer, Senior Patient Safety Officer in 2018.  

Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Alex Kobzik

Dr. Kobzik is currently in his second year of the Critical Care Medicine fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He is planning on moonlighting in both the ICU and Emergency Department this year, and is currently looking for an Intensivist position primarily going forward. His dual training has not only prepared him excellently for training in Critical Care, but it has already caught the attention of multiple potential employers as his job search is beginning. The IM/EM training has been invaluable not only procedurally and for breadth of knowledge, but also to provide a unique perspective on throughput, relationship building and communication.  

Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Stephen Ryan Gore

Ryan Gore traveled far across the street to Rush University Medical Center, with a dual appointment with the Departments of Emergency and Internal Medicine. At Rush, he works primarily in the ED but does Internal Medicine weeks with residents on Teaching Wards and the Observation Unit. Non-clinically, Dr. Gore has teaching duties in the medical school with the M1 and M2 curriculums and with the Emergency Medicine Residents. Dual training set him up well to take on a role in a University Medical center, as his career is balanced with duties in both departments and has made him an ideal candidate to take on administrative and teaching roles as we can offer additional perspectives and experience.  

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We’re a resident run, innovative and adaptive residency program that creates leaders. Join our family and become the leader you’re meant to be.

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