Medical toxicology fellowship

The Toxikon Consortium sponsors a two year Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program at the University of Illinois, Cook County Hospital and The Illinois Poison Control Center. Over the past two decades, our Fellowship Program has trained over 30 fellows in medical toxicology.


Established in the 1950s, the Illinois Poison Center was the first PCC in the United States. Our Fellowship Program was also the first fully accredited in the nation. Our research specializations include: street drugs of abuse, natural poisons and venoms, antidote therapy, pharmaco/toxicokinetics, and environmental/occupational toxicology.

The Toxikon maintains its own pages, so please visit the Toxikon website for more information on the fellowship program.


College of Medicine:

Associate Dean of Admissions, Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, Toxicology Program Director

Contact Us

For further information regarding this fellowship and application process, please contact: 

Trevonne Thompson MD