Residency Highlights

As we continue to be leaders in our field, we emphasize the learner-centric methodologies which prioritize hands-on practice. An integrated and well-equipped simulation center provides such opportunities. In this kind of environment, residents can engage experientially by leading critical decision-making, contingency planning, communication, and real-time outcome interpretation and reflection with instructors and peers. This praxis emphasizes both leadership and cooperation; it strengthens clinical performance and offers insight into more effective methods, leading to better patient outcomes and “second chances.”

Residency Wellness

Wellness is at the heart of everything we do. From the care we give our patients – to the concern we extend into the community expressed through our innovative research projects and partnerships –  to our dedication to the health and well-being of our resident physicians; preemptively and holistically safeguarding resident’s physical, mental, emotional, and professional well-being are goals that are paramount in our residency programming. Our multifaceted resident wellness curriculum includes mentorship, friendship, and access to other needed supportive resources. 

Journal Club

Our residents and attendings participate in monthly journal club meetings.


UIC EM supports the importance of mentorship throughout your three years with us. As a new resident, you will be paired with two mentors, including a faculty and senior resident mentor.

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Contact Us

For further information regarding the residency and application process, please contact: 

Karolina Marczewski, MS 

Residency Program Coordinator
[email protected]
808 S. Wood St. Rm. 471 Chicago, IL 60612