EM Residency Program

Welcome to the University of Illinois at Chicago EM Residency Program. Our residents rotate at four unique sites in the Chicagoland area. Each hospital is nestled in unique neighborhoods across the city to provide a diverse training environment in patient populations, hospital-practice and resources. Our residency will help you craft how you want to practice medicine for years to come.

Come join our Browncoat EM family

Your life continues into residency. At UIC, we are committed to not only the pursuit of medicine for our residents, but also a flourishing personal life as well. The support of faculty, fellows, and your co-residents will allow you to become a well–rounded physician.

Becoming a Browncoat means more than becoming an exceptionally trained emergency medicine physician, it means becoming part of a unique family with a long legacy. Here you will not only get to experience the highest acuity in patient presentations but you will also continue to grow outside of medicine and gain the tools to have a long, healthy career.

The Legend of the Brown Coat!