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Project WISH

Project Wish

Project WISH is a clinical research site in the Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department and College of Medicine at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) with a 20+ year history of conducting clinical trials and basic science research for the prevention and treatment of many infectious conditions, like HIV. Throughout our history, Project WISH has been primarily devoted to the search for a vaccine against HIV, to the development of more PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) options, all without neglecting other infectious conditions, like COVID and Monkeypox to name a few.

While that might all sound great, our best trait is that we conduct our clinical research with integrity and treat all trial participants with the utmost respect. We like to think that we are a safe space for everyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, etc. We see you and we are here for you!

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As our clinical trials keep coming in, the Chicago(land) communities we need to work with might change. Some trials are very broad and accept most people in the population, like several of our COVID trials. On the other hand, there are trials like our Mosaico HIV vaccine trial and our current long-acting-injectable PrEP trial that have more targeted recruitment needs.

That being said, we do run trials that cover all sexes, all genders, and all orientations. We are here for all of you!

General Email:

Project WISH — COVID-19 Project WISH — All Other Infectious Diseases
835 S Wolcott Ave, Rm E-122, MSB, MC 735
Chicago, IL 60612
T: 312.413.5897 | F: 312.413.5491
840 S Wood St, Rm B-39, CSB, MC 735
Chicago, IL 60612
T: 312.355.0743 | F: 312.355.4200

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