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Gastroenterology and Hepatology Fellowship Conferences

Fellows attend a variety of conferences to ensure that they are educated to the highest standards possible for practicing gastroenterologists and hepatologists. Weekly conferences include the Clinical Case Conference, Core Lecture Series, GI Research Conference, GI Radiology Conference and the GI/Liver Pathology Conference. In addition, there is a monthly Journal Club and guest lectures/visiting professors. Guest lectures are determined by the Division Chief and fellows receive advance notice from the Program Coordinators of these lectures.

Fellows, faculty and staff receive a copy of the GI fellowship conference schedules at the start of the academic year. Conference schedules are created and maintained by the Program Coordinator. Notifications of updates and/or changes to the schedules are provided by the Program Coordinator through email messages and the weekly schedule.

First year fellows are responsible for taking attendance and turning off the projector. All completed attendance sheets should be turned in to the Program Coordinator on the last day of the month. Fellows must maintain 80% attendance at minimum and attendance reports are presented to the fellow at their quarterly individual meetings with the Program Directors.


Clinical Case Conference

Monday Mornings
September – June
7:30am – 8:30am, Room 1018, CSB

Directed by Dr. Brian Boulay, this conference has Fellows present typical and unusual cases in gastroenterology and hepatology to the combined Faculty of the Division as well as of Surgery, Pathology and Radiology.

M&M and quality improvement projects will be presented monthly by the fellows.


GI Core Lecture Series

Tuesday Mornings
Mid July – June
7:15am – 8:00am, Winter Library

The topics for this weekly Core Lecture series are based on the American Gastroenterological Association GI and Hepatology Core Curriculum and all topics in this curriculum have been extracted and a list of categorized topics has been generated covering all major GI and liver areas. The GI and Liver faculty have been assigned to each give all core lectures. The purpose of this conference is to comprehensively review the current knowledge of clinical gastrointestinal and liver disorders.

This weekly conference is a formal lecture format by GI Faculty, fellows and outside speakers. It covers standard/basic clinical problems in GI and hepatology.


Frontiers of GI Research Conference

Wednesday Mornings
September – June
8:15 – 9:00am, Room 1018, CSB

This is the oldest continuously-held research conference at UIC. Held weekly on Wednesday mornings throughout the academic year, it brings regional and national experts in digestive and liver diseases to campus. The purpose of the Frontiers of GI Research Conference is to expose UIC faculty and trainees interested in the study of digestive diseases to the latest and most current research in the field. The conference covers both clinical and basic research with emphasis on gastroenterology research. While the clinical research is of immediate and practical benefit to physicians, the basic research sessions examine the long-range impact of scientific advances on GI research and treatment. Exposure to frontiers in basic research often spawns collaborations both with physician-scientists as well as clinicians. Basic research coverage also educates the clinician as to pending evolutions in patient care management. Thus, the attendee will develop an excellent understanding of cutting edge gastroenterology in both its clinical and basic science aspects.

The objective of this conference is to allow participants to:

  • Discuss how new scientific advances can be incorporated into gastroenterology research.
  • Describe innovative research paradigms used in GI research and how to apply them.
  • Identify new areas for investigation and collaboration.


GI Radiology Conference

Thursday Mornings
7:30 – 8:30am
2nd Floor Conference Room, UIH

This conference is a working weekly conference where working cases are discussed by multi-disciplinary faculty including interventional radiology, hepatology, and biliary service. This conference is managed by the Radiology Department.


GI/Liver Pathology Conference

Friday Mornings
8:00 – 9:0am
3rd Floor Conference Room, UIH

This conference is held every Friday morning and is attended by fellows and selected faculty members. This conference is co-hosted by Pathology, GI and Liver attendings. Representative biopsies from the GI and Liver Services are reviewed by the Fellows in the presence of the group as these samples are projected onto a screen using a special teaching technique.


Journal Club

This conference takes place monthly and is held on a Wednesday.
8:15 – 9:00am, Winter Library

This monthly conference is given by two fellows each month on a rotating basis and is staffed by one or more GI/Liver faculty members each month who serve as mentors to the fellows. Each Fellow is responsible for choosing one recent research articles from peer-reviewed journals that are of high-quality for discussion. Fellows are responsible for having the faculty who is overseeing their Journal Club, to approve the proposed article well in advance of the date. Fellows then will email their article to the Program Coordinator for distribution to faculty and fellows. Presenting fellows discuss the details of the research article including the research methods used, the results of the study, and the conclusions drawn and then critically assessing the validity and importance of these articles in a group discussion moderated by the faculty member.


Department of Medicine Medical Grand Rounds

Tuesday Mornings
12:00 – 1:00pm
Moss Auditorium, COMRB

This is a series of lectures given once per week for the entire year. The presentations are organized and scheduled by the Department of Medicine Division Chiefs. The lectures feature an authority in the field and highlight recent advances and future directions in the individual’s area of expertise. These presentations typically focus on the speaker’s research interests and create the important link between biomedical research and clinical medicine. For Grand Rounds lectures on GI and Liver topics, fellows are notified and are expected to attend.


GME On-line Core Curriculum

The University of Illinois Chicago Graduate Medical Education (GME) office has developed an extensive online Core Curriculum that provides extensive training in the ACGME competencies. This GME Core Curriculum is mandatory for all fellows to complete during the three years they are in the GI training program. Fellows will be assigned a logon and password for the website and must complete the training modules by the time they graduate from the program. A progress report for each of the fellows is sent to the Program Director monthly. The website can be accessed at the following URL:

Chicago Graduate Medical Education (GME)