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Premier T32 Fellowship

T32 Precision Lifestyle Medicine and Translation Research (PREMIER) Postdoctoral Training Program

The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) and the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (UI Health) are one of the nation’s most dynamic, diverse, and progressive enterprises of higher education and health affairs. The PREMIER training program for postdoctoral fellows at UIC harnesses the University’s vibrant academic environment, highly diverse faculty and student bodies, and substantial synergistic programs, infrastructure and resources, to maximize its fellows’ ability to succeed in their paths towards independent lifestyle medicine researchers of the future.

Precision lifestyle medicine, which integrates behavioral science with mechanistic investigation and modern technology, affords the promise of providing precise, proactive, and personalized care for individuals with or at risk of multiple chronic conditions. At the same time, research on health behavior and behavior change that spans the spectrum of translation to humans (T1), to patients (T2), to practice (T3), and to population health (T4) is pivotal to achieve ultimate public health impact.

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A graphic explaining the core themes of the program.

The program objective is to provide postdoctoral fellows who aspire to be both independent investigators and team scientists in lifestyle medicine the opportunity to develop expertise in translational research for the prevention and control of cardiovascular and respiratory chronic conditions.

Fellows can focus their research and skill developments in behavioral sciences for multimorbidity prevention and control and either of the other two thematic cores of this training program.

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The application deadline is July 31st 2024.  Apply Here:

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