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Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs! We are here to assist you throughout your medical education. We can assist with :

  • USMLE Exam Questions
  • Academic Support
  • Schedule Questions
  • Personal Issues
  • Residency Match Questions
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Summer Opportunities
  • General Advising and more

Our online appointment scheduling system allows you to book an appointment with your assigned OSA Lead. Appointments can be booked with a 5 hour minimum notice and a maximum of 10 days in advance. Select your advisor below to make an appointment.

OSA Leads

Anna Reczynski

M1-M4 Yarros COM-Unity
M1-M4 Sackett COM-Unity

Greg Bailey

M1-M4 Richmond COM-Unity
M1-M4 Choca COM-Unity

Noreen Abbasi

M1-M4 Garnett COM-Unity
M1-M4 Jonasson COM-Unity

Sue Anne Tae

M1-M4 Motulsky COM-Unity
M1-M4 Frederick COM-Unity

Academic Learning Specialists

Dr. Juan Moran
Dr. Elizabeth Balderas