Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs! We are here to assist you throughout your medical education. We can assist with :

  • USMLE Exam Questions
  • Academic Support
  • Schedule Questions
  • Personal Issues
  • Residency Match Questions
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Summer Opportunities
  • General Advising and more

Our online appointment scheduling system allows you to book an appointment directly with your assigned advisor. Appointments can be booked with a 5 hour minimum notice and a maximum of 10 days in advance. Select your advisor below to make an appointment.

OSA Leads

Caryn Sanders-Marcus
Melissa Hernandez
Janine Sacco

Other OSA staff members are available to meet with you as well. Select an OSA staff member below to make an appointment.

Mark Urosev

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Stacey Walters

Director of Career Services

Greg Bailey

Director of Academic Services