Molecular and Structural Biology

GEMS Faculty Listing in Molecular and Structural Biology

Molecular and Structural Biology Research Concentration Leadership:

The Molecular and Structural Biology Research Concentration is a multidisciplinary effort across several departments in the UI College of Medicine including: Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, Pharmacology, and Physiology and Biophysics.

The overall goal of this training area is to provide students with a modern background in molecular and mechanistic studies of biomolecules, diseases and disease treatments.

Faculty associated with this training area study a wide-range of topics including: biomolecule structures, interactions and dynamics, drug discovery and optimization, immunology, membrane biology, protein engineering, signaling pathways, and synthetic biology. A general principle in this training area is the use of cutting-edge technology and multi-disciplinary approaches to address major human health issues.

Students in this program have ready access and training via a wide-range of outstanding shared resources including: NMR spectrometers at the UIC Center for Structural Biology, drug screening at the UIC High Throughput Screening Core, genomics at the UIC Genome Research Division, metabolomics and proteomics at the UIC Mass Spectrometry Core, molecular interactions at the UIC Biophysics Core, and the Advanced Photon Source located at the Argonne National Laboratory.