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Faculty Directory – Molecular and Structural Biology

Faculty NameDepartmentResearch Topics
Elizaveta BenevolenskayaBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsThe role of tumor suppressor pRB in differentiation through epigenetic mechanisms such as regulating histone demethylases.
Marlene BouvierMicrobiology and ImmunologyOur research activities are focused on the cell biology, immunology, and structural biology of class I MHC molecules
Michael CaffreyBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Karen ColleyBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsControl and organization of protein glycosylation and the role of glycans in protein function.
Xiaoping DuCellular and Molecular PharmacologyMolecular mechanisms of cell adhesion, migration, signaling; platelets, thrombosis, inflammation; develop new drugs
Vadim GaponenkoBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Ravinder K. Gill
Jack KaplanBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Andrei KarginovCellular and Molecular PharmacologyDevelopment of synthetic biology approaches for dissection of processes regulating cell migration and cell-cell interactions.
Amy L. KenterMicrobiology and Immunology
Shafi KuchayBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Arnon LavieBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Xiubei LiaoBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Brad MerrillBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsCRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, Wnt Signaling, Stem Cell Biology, and Synthetic Biology
Toru NakamuraBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsRegulation of telomere maintenance mechanism
Mrinalini C. RaoPhysiology and Biophysics
Miljan SimonovicBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsStudying mechanisms that regulate human gene translation.
Karl W. VolzMicrobiology and Immunology
William E. WaldenMicrobiology and Immunology