Recent Publications

Bishesh Sharma Poudyal1, Bishal Gyawali2,3 and Damiano Rondelli4,5 Rapidly established telehealth care for blood cancer patients in Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic using the free app Viber

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Rondelli D, Kun TL, Mathews V, Gooneratne LV, Tuladhar S, Neupane S, Kumar Devadas S, Dua V, Poudyal BS. First Global Blood & Marrow Transplant [GlobalBMT] Conference in Kathmandu with experiences from Nepal, India, Singapore and Sri Lanka. JOGH 2018; 8: 010204 [Online Publication Date: 16 April 2018]

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Aruna Ramesh, Terry Vanden Hoek, Ken LaBresh, Teri Campbell, Keshav Murthy, Naresh Shetty, Rhea BegemanMarcia Edison, Pam Williams, Bellur Prabhakar, Timothy Erickson: “Development of an Emergency Nurse-Paramedic Motorcycle Response System for Acute STEMI and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Care in India”, Global Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2018; 1 (2): 1008.

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