Ervin G. Erdös, MD and Sara F. Rabito Erdös, MD Prize for Excellence in Basic Sciences

As generously endowed by Drs. Erdös, in 2014 this fund will provide an award of approximately $1000 to a graduating MD or MD-PhD student from the UIC COM at Chicago.

Criteria for the award are as follows:

1. Nominees must be enrolled in good standing as fourth year medical students in the College of Medicine at Chicago.

2. Nominees must have gained research training at the UIC COM at Chicago, and should not have had doctoral level training or an advanced degree in medical or biological sciences prior to entering the College of Medicine.

3. Nominees must have successfully completed or be on track for completion of the College’s requirements for graduation in Spring of the award year.

4. Eligibility requires academic achievement in research in the basic sciences, such as authoring a paper in a refereed journal, or making an oral or poster presentation at a national or international meeting.

Students may self-nominate or be nominated by faculty or other students.

To submit a nomination, please forward 1) a letter from the student nominee, describing his or her research, interests, and accomplishments; 2) a letter of recommendation from a research advisor; 3) a single pdf comprised by electronic copies of any key manuscripts, abstracts, or presentations; 4) a curriculum vitae or resume. If the student is not a first author, his or her contribution to the publication(s) should be described in the letter of recommendation. If eligibility depends upon a key manuscript that is In Press, documentation of this fact should be submitted.