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Covid-19: Many Facets and Dimensions, A Multidisciplinary Compendium of Current Evidence and Experience is dedicated to all COVID-19 Health Care Workers

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book, please email [email protected] for information

The global impact of COVID-19 did not spare any region or population group. The pandemic required multidisciplinary teamwork to transform our health systems. The UIC Center for Global Health collaborated with M.S Ramaiah in Bangalore India and others internationally to share insights and knowledge.  The book integrates evidence, experience, and perspectives across multiple disciplines: basic science, epidemiology, clinical experience, public health, social science, and others. The hope is this book will provide deeper insight to understand COVID-19 from a multidisciplinary perspective based on current evidence and experience and provide actionable information that will aid in them management and preparation for the future.

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