Former Fellow Highlight

Stefan O. Ciurea, MD, fellow at UIC from 2004-2007, is currently a Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology at the University of California, Irvine- UCI Health. Dr. Ciurea is also the Director of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“At UIC, I had the honor to work with great mentors that opened new opportunities for my future career”

Oana C. Danciu, MD, MS, fellow at UIC from 2009-2012, is currently Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology-Oncology at University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Danciu is a breast oncologist, she is the Medical Director of the Clinical Trials Office at UI Cancer Center and the leader of the Phase I Clinical Trials Program.

“During my fellowship at UIC my academic career was modeled by dedicated mentors; this was also the time when I developed lifelong friendships”

Former Fellows & Fellowship Locations

Jennifer Weiss, MD  Illinois

Kathleen Kennedy, MD  Illinois

Meshaal Khan, MD  Indiana

Abhigna Kodali, MD  New York

Manoj Agarwal, MD  San Jose, CA

Mohammed Milhem, MD  U Iowa

Samarth Reddy, MD  Boca Raton, FL

Suman Kambhampati, MD  U Kansas

Sunil Yadov, MD  Kankankee, IL

Elena Theodosiou, MD  Portsmouth , NH

Mark Agulnik, MD  NWMH

Laura Horvath, MD  Alliance

Jessica Lee, MD  Berlin, MD

Sarah Katta George, MD  Orlando, FL

Sigrun Hallmeyer, MD  LGH Park Ridge, IL

Stephan Huang, MD  Lakewood, CA

Fariborz Mortazavi, MD  UCLA, CA

Bijal Modi, MD  Dallas, TX

Janet Chin, MD  Dupage,IL

Stefan Ciurea, MD  MDACC, TX

Young Choi, MD  Racine, WI

John Maciejewski, MD  Rush, IL

Piernicola Boccuni, MD, PhD  Deceased

Yolande Chen, MD  NWMH, IL

Robinson Ortiz, MD  Barrington, IL

Syed Abutalib, MD  CTCA Zion

Sandeep Chunduri, MD  Northshore, IL

Ticiana Leal, MD  U Wisconsin

Irim Yasin, MD  U Nebraska

Nina Yedavalli, MD  West Suburban, IL

Paul Rubinstein, MD  Stroger, IL

Tara Seery, MD  UC Irvine, CA

Faisal Saghir, MD  Hinsdale, IL

Sangeetha Nimmagadda, MD  Illinois Masonic

Binay Shah, MD  Bellingham WA

Habib Shaikh, MD,PhD  DeKalb, IL

Abdur Shakir, MD  Sara Bush, IL

Pritesh Patel, MD  UIC

Irene Ma, MD  MacNeal, Berwyn IL

Michael Ojelabi, MD  La Crosse, WI

Yunfei Wei, MD  Victorville, CA

Oana Danciu, MD  UIC

Santosh Saraf, MD  UIC

Kevin Dawravoo, MD  DuPage, IL

Sudhir Hansalia, MD  Saint Petersburg, FL

Ignatius Nandini , MD  Princeton NJ

Yusuf Qamruzzaman, MD  Dearborn, MI

Ronald Ng, MD  Oregon

Karam Khaddour, MD  Boston

Amina Chaudhry, MD  California

Yael Simons, MD  New York

Ryan Nguyen, DO  Illinois

Eshana Shah, MD  Connecticut

Shayan Ryani, MD  Racine, WI

Amber Seba, MD  Chicago, IL

Ping Hu, MD  Downey, CA

Kelley Kozma, DO  LGH, IL

Anitha Nallari, MD  Columbus, OH

Annie Oh, MD  UIC

Stanley Borowicz, MD  Loyola Maywood, IL

Gowri Ramadas, MD  NW Indiana

Rozina Chowdhery, MD  UIC

Amer Sidani, MD  NW Indiana

Gelenis Domingo , MD  Aventura, FL

Chintan Gandhi , MD  Tamarac, FL

Maryam Zia, MD  University of Kentucky

Hiral Shah, MD  Northwestern University

Ardaman Shergill, MD  University of Chicago

Katherine Exten, MD Ohio Health, Mansfield OH

R. Alejandro Sica, MD BMT Fellowship, Stanford University

Rongrong Ge, MD, PhD Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg PA

Mylene Remo, MD Palos Health, Palos Heights, IL

Christopher Sequeira, MD Florida Cancer Specialists, Orlando Florida

Nandini Kalakota, MD Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, IL

Basharath Khan, MD Medical Oncology of Northshore, IL

Ignatius Nyatsanza, MD Advocate Aurora Health, IL

Jalal Baig, MD Cancer Treatment Centers of America, IL

Sonia Christian, MD Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, IL

Krishna Ghimire, MD Upstate University Hospital, NY

Vinod Kondragunta, MD Goshen General Hospital, IN

Vincent Yuankai Lin, MD

Ivy Abraham, MD University of Chicago, at Ingalls Hospital, IL

Anne Meier, MD Private Practice, IN

Vijeyaluxmy Motilal Nehru, MD Mcleod Health, SC

Saud Rana, MD Franciscan Health, IN

Naina Singh, MD Franciscan Health, IN

Saad Arain, MD- North Shore hospital system

Ari Seifter, MD- Advocate medical group

Candice Schwartz, MD- Cleveland Clinic, Florida

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